Weenie Wednesday on a Saturday

Basically this is a post of Conrad pictures from over the last few months
He has been doing well on his prescription diet!
He did develop a mystery limp
His xrays looked okay, though, so he got sent home with some medication and had to rest for a week
Guest appearance by a friend’s dog!
Resting is obviously very difficult for Conrad
Like how much more do I have to rest, mam?
I am obsessed with these blankets. Conrad loves them!
so some of these pictures are blurry but sometimes life is blurry so it’s ok
another friend’s dog cameo!
Conrad’s limp did indeed resolve with rest and meloxicam but he makes sure to get extra rest just in case!

Weenie Wednesday: Conrad’s Sweaters: A Retrospective

Sweater weather looms distantly in the future here — usually shows up around Halloween? I have posted things like this before, but who’s gonna stop me now? Conrad models sweaters so perfectly and professionally (kind of). I like to review his wardrobe periodically to give away stuff that doesn’t fit his ever-plumping weenie bod and see what new things I can add. So here’s some of what he has donned in the past!

lurkerThe skull sweater is my current fave.

skullHe also has a scarf in this season’s hot color, merlot …

scarfHow do I manage to not feed him all the cookies?!?!?

bluestripeblueandgreenmooseyscarletandtanrainbowsweaterI think we did have to give away the marled technicolor sweater because Conrad got too swole.

momsweaterturqandgreySo next I’m perusing the Chilly Dog sweaters to see which one I might get Conrad for the holidays. I’m thinking either this one or this one. Or both.

Weenie Wednesday: Ruffwear Front Range Harness Review

harnessYou’ve seen Conrad quite a few times now in the Ruffwear Front Range Harness. There’s a reason–this is THE BEST harness Conrad wears. At $39.95, it is priced a little higher than many harness on the market, but so far I have found it is superior to those harnesses in every way. The harness is well made with durable materials and is easily adjustable, with straps adjusting in 4 different places. Conrad and I don’t exactly go on grueling hikes, but I have no doubt this harness would stand up in any terrain under any weather conditions. It is made to be worn outside, and I have no doubt it will last Conrad’s lifetime.

preshakeOne of my favorite features of the harness is the adjustability. As you can see, I can adjust it enough to fit it over one of Conrad’s thick wool sweaters, which he wears frequently on our walks in winter. And then when the weather is warmer, I can adjust it back down to fit him again.

beefcakeI probably even could have gone down a size, but I wanted a harness that would fit over his sweaters, that wouldn’t be a struggle to get on. He’s never fussed about wearing a harness, and he was no different about this one.

withsweaterHe runs around fine in it, too. It doesn’t restrict his movement in any way, substantial as it is.¬†Another thing I love about¬† this harness are the rich, bright colors it comes in. I really want the orange one for Conrad, too. I definitely recommend this harness for any dog, but especially if you and your dog spend a lot of time outdoors!

Weenie Wednesday: DST Rant

I’m taking a stand. Yes, Daylight Savings Time means more hours of light at the end of the day for those of us who ride after work. But my barn has arena lights.

I don’t like Daylight Savings. Waking up in the dark is hard. I want that extra hour of sleep back, and I want to walk my dog in daylight in the mornings.

weeniebundleWaking up is hard enough.

weeniebedToo bad I can’t work from home. Or have a more flexible work schedule. Conrad would appreciate that.

darkwalkWalking him in the dark pretty much blows.

sodarkPlus he growls at stuff I can’t see. So I’m like, great. I bet it’s a tiger. With wings.

cannotseeWaking up before dawn is so uncivilized.

notawakeEvery weekday morning, Conrad considers skipping breakfast and going back to bed.

yumminsHe wishes for bacon.

breakfastBut then he eats anyway. And then goes back to bed.

I’m ready to fall back.

Weenie Wednesday: Birthday Brilliants

collar1Conrad’s birthday was last Saturday, and he had a pretty dang good day. We went on a walk in the park …

collar5 collar6 collar3He got to wear his new collar from PS of Sweden. (Which, thanks to the Exquisite Equine, I now realize that Eli MUST have a matching browband!)

colalr4 collar2Conrad enjoys modeling it, can’t you tell?

collar7It’s maybe a little too big, so if when I get him another one, I’ll go down a size. Conrad also got Nylabones he likes to chew on, a bag of boar liver treats, and a froggy rope toy from his Grammie …

froggy deadfroggyThe froggy rope toy didn’t last long. Conrad also got a little bit of steak with his dinner. I’m not sure exactly how old he is because I adopted him from a shelter and he had been a stray, but my guess is he is about 5 years old now. And wow, I really need to take him to get his nails trimmed again!