Spring 2017 Equestrian Style Wish List

I’m trying to stay on a stricter budget this year but clothes don’t last forever. Inevitably, a new pair of breeches or a new shirt become a necessity as older clothes start to fall apart. I try to buy quality stuff that lasts, but every once in a while I try a new-to-me brand that doesn’t live up to expectations, or simply falters under the daily wear-and-tear of riding. With all this in mind, a handful of brands have proved their worth to me and always come out with new and cute stuff seasonally. So here are my Spring 2017 picks!

Romfh Sarafina Breeches in Lake Blue

I recently sold a few pairs of breeches that fit me weirdly. Sell 2, buy 1, kind of like that whole promulgate one rule, repeal two … or something. I love both the Lake Blue and Periwinkle color for Romfh’s Spring 2017 collection, but ultimately decided my closet jives with Lake Blue the best. (Super curious about the new Gabriella style, too — anybody tried them?)

Asmar Equestrian Devon Technical Show Shirt

I don’t need another show shirt, but if I were in the market, this would be my first pick. The few Asmar things I have are outstandingly crafted and have worn very well. Plus look at the back design! C’est chic.

EGO7 Orion Boots in Chocolate Brown

What color looks great with lake blue? Yep, these exist now. I have been nothing but impressed with my current pair and my brown Ariats are basically dead (after merely a year!). These are an economical choice, too, when compared to custom.

Build-Your-Own GPA First Lady

You can do this now. Go do it. (Admittedly, I only just now found this option but maybe it’s already been around a while?) Seriously, no, I do not need another helmet. My hope is that when I do in a few years, the First Lady designs are still around because the shape fits my head the best.

Selfies and Matchiness

Our regularly scheduled Saturday lesson didn’t happen. Something about this Saturday made every horse at the barn cuckoo. I was riding Eli at the trot and he felt fresh, but not too bad, and then his favorite palomino pony mare cantered by and he lept up, nose in air, scooted awkwardly, and squealed. Longeing commence! I thought, oh, he just needs to get out a few bucks …. nope, not just a few. A lot. Sweet Jesus I was sitting on that. And Eli also attempted to break the world land speed record … How he doesn’t just fall over going so fast on a longe line is beyond me. At least I know he is sure-footed and careful, even at mach 4. I don’t just let him run around like that until he stops himself, because if I did, he would never stop. (Thankfully he also never acts out so exuberantly under saddle.) So I reeled him back in after a few minutes and got back on, but his brain just wasn’t there. My coach and I decided today would not be the best day to jump.

So Sunday the weather thought about not cooperating, but we dodged the rain. Eli had his normal level of energy instead of the craziness from Saturday. I decided to play with him in a paddock for a little while before tacking up.

mrmooseHis selfie game is getting pretty good. If he’s tacked up, I can’t really park him very well most days, so pictures in the turnout are just easier to take.

He's winking, right? I think so.
He’s winking, right? I think so.

He just kind of follows me around for a while when I join him in the paddock. And then he starts ignoring me. And then he goes and stands at the gate and looks back at me, because the grass is over there, cookie lady.

horseselfiegameI let him graze for a little bit, too, before taking him back in to tack up. He felt so much better on Sunday. Brain back in business. The jumps were fairly small, so I figured I had better take him around a few times over fences. He had a nice pace and easily got down the lines and found the singles nicely, as well. Done and done.

sundriedIt was easily warm enough for a rinse, and I let him graze a bit more while he sun dried. I think he’ll be getting shoes this week, although I’m not sure which day.

beltandbootsSo my completely non-sequitur question to you all is: Do you have to match your belt to your boots? Or do you mix it up?