Weenie Wednesday: Ruffwear Front Range Harness Review

harnessYou’ve seen Conrad quite a few times now in the Ruffwear Front Range Harness. There’s a reason–this is THE BEST harness Conrad wears. At $39.95, it is priced a little higher than many harness on the market, but so far I have found it is superior to those harnesses in every way. The harness is well made with durable materials and is easily adjustable, with straps adjusting in 4 different places. Conrad and I don’t exactly go on grueling hikes, but I have no doubt this harness would stand up in any terrain under any weather conditions. It is made to be worn outside, and I have no doubt it will last Conrad’s lifetime.

preshakeOne of my favorite features of the harness is the adjustability. As you can see, I can adjust it enough to fit it over one of Conrad’s thick wool sweaters, which he wears frequently on our walks in winter. And then when the weather is warmer, I can adjust it back down to fit him again.

beefcakeI probably even could have gone down a size, but I wanted a harness that would fit over his sweaters, that wouldn’t be a struggle to get on. He’s never fussed about wearing a harness, and he was no different about this one.

withsweaterHe runs around fine in it, too. It doesn’t restrict his movement in any way, substantial as it is. Another thing I love about  this harness are the rich, bright colors it comes in. I really want the orange one for Conrad, too. I definitely recommend this harness for any dog, but especially if you and your dog spend a lot of time outdoors!