“Immersed in a Cocoon of Serenity”

Hello! I am still here and kind of did not notice that I have neglected to blog for two months - for many reasons. I have various updates on Eli, Eli's fly boots, Eli's preternatural ability to get randomly injured, Eli's tack, and Eli's mommy's (yes, me) recent realization that is it VERY IMPORTANT to... Continue Reading →

Summer Riding Attire: 2017 Edition

Riding in the summer in Texas ... not gonna lie, I sometimes skip riding in August altogether. Otherwise, Texans are the experts in hot-weather riding. Most often during the summer, I ride in the Kastel Denmark or EIS sun shirts and have found the Romfh Sarafina breeches to be THE BEST for summer riding in... Continue Reading →

Goode Rider Legacy Knee Patch Breeches Review

Y'all are getting two reviews this week, and two reviews next week! I hadn't planned on reviewing these breeches, but as it turns out I really like them, although they may not be everyone's cup of tea. (I've discovered through blogging that people have widely-varying tastes in breeches!) The Goode Rider breeches, while on my... Continue Reading →

GhoDho Victoria Breeches Review

Readers of this blog know I am a huge fan of GhoDho breeches, and reviewed my first pair last winter. The second round of GhoDho breeches is even better! A lot of new features have been added that are great improvements: new material, better length, bigger belt loops, deeper pockets (they'll fit your phone), and... Continue Reading →

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