Odds & Ends: Spurs, Browbands, and Antlers

The fields and the small arena dried out enough to ride by Wednesday, so ride I did, and Eli, true to regained form, physically felt pretty much as he usually does. I am hoping to be able to accomplish a lot more this evening, as far as with flat work and pole work. I've been … Continue reading Odds & Ends: Spurs, Browbands, and Antlers

Strawberry Update

Eli's stifle scrape looks much better already. I've given him Sunday and Monday off, so I'll see how he's feeling under saddle tonight. He might get a bonus liniment bath depending on how he feels. If he's off behind at all I'll be consulting with his vets, but he looked spry enough in turnout. I … Continue reading Strawberry Update

USG Bonnet Review

Eli makes a pretty good bonnet model. I'm just a bad photographer. It's no secret that I'm into bonnets for my horse. Bonnets keep the flies from bugging my horse's ears and muffle sounds just enough to make it easier for me to keep Eli's focus (kind of?). George Morris isn't into bonnets for that … Continue reading USG Bonnet Review

A Bridle for All Seasons

If you are looking for detailed, well-written, helpful reviews of the PS of Sweden High Jump Bridle, you can find them on $900 Facebook Pony and SprinklerBandits. What you will find here is an illuminated ode in free verse to my new favorite Bridle. New favorite Bridle, you don't look like anything I've known, but … Continue reading A Bridle for All Seasons

The 27 Stages of Mortification

This is important, y'all. I want to clarify something I wrote in my show recap that, understandably so, y'all might have thought was just hyperbole on my part. But there actually ARE 27 stages of mortification. It is possible to go through the entire process in about 6 seconds. Confusion as to why my body … Continue reading The 27 Stages of Mortification

Long Weekend: TWO Lessons

Looking for pictures? Skip to the second half of the post. Last minute decision from the people in charge of people at work resulted in the library being closed for Good Friday. Hooray! I asked my trainer on Thursday night if we could school Eli on Friday and she said "sure!" Eli has been doing … Continue reading Long Weekend: TWO Lessons

Lettia Memory Foam Clik Girth: Review

To suggest Eli is "girthy" would be an understatement. I have been using the Lettia Coolmax nylon girth with elastic on both sides on him since, like, the second time I rode him because his girth area is sensitive. I actually hated these girths (I tried one on a different jumper I owned and felt … Continue reading Lettia Memory Foam Clik Girth: Review

Back on Track Saddle Pad Review

After reading a ton of positive reviews on Back on Track products, I thought the saddle pad might be a nice addition to Eli's winter wardrobe. I'm not going to talk about the science, or Chinese medicine, or testimonials from top U.S. riders, because you can find all that easily if you're interested. The testimonials … Continue reading Back on Track Saddle Pad Review

Sunshine and Swelling

Friday's ride went fantastically. We had the ring to ourselves, no distractions, and perfect weather for a light hack. But Friday, you may remember, also involved my car getting worked on. And it was really sunny. And the cedar pollen count was astronomical, I'm sure. So after riding, I felt a little headachey. Here's the … Continue reading Sunshine and Swelling