Noble Outfitters Warmup Quilted Jacket Review

frontTexas doesn’t have too much cold weather–for instance, right now it is about 70F and humid for the winter solstice. I wanted to get enough use and rides in wearing the Noble Outfitters Warmup Quilted Jacket before reviewing it, and it took a little while. Fortunately we have now had enough wintery days that I have been able to get a good idea about the wearability and quality of this jacket.

Honestly, I’ve reached for it just about every time it’s been in the 50s or less. It has a lot of features I appreciate, like pockets big enough for a smartphone, gloves, or spurs, that zip closed, plus an interior pocket that also zips closed.

backIt’s tailored pretty nicely, too, although I think I could even go down a size. The back features zippered vents, although on my long torso, the jacket is short enough on me that I don’t find it necessary to unzip them while in the saddle.

Probably my favorite aspect of this jacket is the collar–it stands up high enough to keep my whole neck warn even with my hair up in my helmet, or it can fold down like a polo collar.

The jacket is VERY warm for how lightweight it is. I even get a little too warm in it sometimes because I think it’s colder than it really is, so after riding around a while I have to shed it. However, this makes me think it will be perfect for days that barely crack the freezing line, especially because of the double cuff, with the interior cuff having thumbholes. I was a 90s alternateen, so I am definitely a fan of thumbholes!

I really can’t say anything I don’t like about this jacket. If you’re still doing some eleventh hour holiday shopping for the equestrian in your life, this jacket would make a fabulous gift!

Last, here is a video of the jacket in action … horse and rider a little out of sync (what I get for only a couple of rides during the week), but the jacket kept me nice and toasty on a brisk morning!

Saturday Schooling 1 12/19/15 from rennikka on Vimeo.

And yes, that rail … Eli and I will be working on establishing a proper half-halt three or four strides out before tackling verticals without ground lines this week.

Noble Outfitters Perfect Fit Glove Review

Let’s take a moment first to review one of my top color obsessions.

berrynessAmerican Beauty Berry, Prickly Pear Blossom, Vibrant Orchid, Magenta Shock … whatever you want to call it, it’s my favorite non-green shade.

Well. Guess who makes riding gloves in this favorite non-green shade of mine? Noble Outfitters! Color match made in heaven achieved! Obviously, I like the look of these gloves.

bestcolorThe gloves have a few features that makes them very easy to wear and school in. The palms are reinforced in key places to combat wear, between the thumb and forefinger and the ring and pinky fingers. The material of the palms is a soft, suede-like material, and is mobile device compatible. I did try typing on soft keys wearing these gloves, and I had to press a little harder than usual, but it worked. This also means I’m not sacrificing any kind of feel on the reins that I’m used to having with Eli–the gloves are practically weightless and I still have a nice, close feel on the reins, rubber or laced.weeksworthThese have been very comfortable, light-weight gloves that I keep reaching for to ride in, to the point that they just stay with my helmet in my helmet bag. Eli doesn’t especially lean on the bit or pull much, so I’m not sure I can speak to how durable they are just yet. The one issue I have encountered is that the material across the back of the hand is very delicate. I have unfortunately already snagged one of the gloves on something, and there is now a visible snag in the material.

berryglovesAn unexpected feature of the gloves that I noticed after a number of uses, including two jump schools, was that the black suede-like material didn’t show dirt at all. I rather reluctantly admit, Eli hasn’t had a proper bath in months, and I certainly haven’t scrubbed his mane. He’s pretty clean otherwise, but I fully expected to see dust on the material–it just looked like it would be a dust magnet, but it’s not! The black stays black. I’ve even set jumps in these gloves (possibly how I got the snag) and the black material stayed clean.

So far I’m really happy with these gloves, and for schooling I think they are the perfect pair!