Portrait Session

I have very, very few regrets … like maybe three total throughout my entire life. One of these is that I did not take high school senior portraits with my horses Anchor and Red. I am making up for that now.

As an aside — having never been the subject of a portrait session with my horse, I googled and trolled pinterest for ideas. So what happens when you do that is that you get a lot of golden-hour flower crowns and billowy floral print tops or transparent white maxi dresses, draped artistically down the horse’s flank while the human subject drapes herself along her horse’s neck. All bareback. Probably in knee-high amber waves of grass, and if you’re lucky you might even have a willow tree on the bank of a cool, clear brook in the background. With faeries.

None of this is my style, nor is it Eli’s. I opted for, like, a regular outfit, and Eli wore his Lund bridle.

A long-time catch-rider, now a trainer at the barn, is also a photographer. I booked a session with her for last Saturday and I am IN LOVE with these pictures. It makes me so happy to see Eli as a relaxed, inquisitive, happy-looking horse in these pictures. If you are in the Austin area, I highly recommend this photographer! On facebook at 5-12 Photography (you say it like “five – twelve”) or on her website. Now for more pictures!


where are the mints

I am mostly just obsessively staring at all of these pictures at this point.  This last one might be my favorite.