Ground Rules

Working from the ground with Eli has been an adventure since day 1. What was day 1 like, anyway? I was just a horseless client begging for rides at the time and there were more than enough sales horses that needed the exercise. I said "sure!" when asked to ride Eli, knowing he was slightly … Continue reading Ground Rules

Weenie Wednesday: Some Bluebonnets

Wildflower season in Texas is upon us (we don't have spring and summer here ... we have wildflower season and rattlesnake season) and carpets of blue stretch out infinitely along the state's roadways, dotted with sunshine yellow and hot coral. There maybe aren't quite so many bluebonnets blooming in my neighborhood just yet, but Conrad … Continue reading Weenie Wednesday: Some Bluebonnets

Seeing Green

I wish I could say we have the last of the cold weather for the year behind us, but spring-like temperatures during the day will be giving way to sheet or blanket weather temperatures at night through the weekend. Hopefully it won't freeze! I am waiting to see this legendary wildflower season that has been … Continue reading Seeing Green