New Year, New Girth, New Trunk

Resolutions are not my thing. But I am constantly hitting the refresh button on various aspects of my life. While 2021 just feels like an extension of the endlessly jacked up timeline know as The Ides of March MMXX, it hasn't stopped me from extensively weeding my closet, getting a new tack trunk, and tracking... Continue Reading →

That’s a Lot of Snow

For here, anyway, in Central Texas. I got like 6 inches of snow at my house! It snowed ALL DAY. That just ... doesn't really happen here. I really don't like snow at all. Snow is pretty and magical for about an hour, then it's just cold, wet, and hazardous to tree branches. Some of... Continue Reading →

The Injury of the Week Club

Eli seems to enjoy a life of leisure. Basically since Thanksgiving, I have only ridden him a handful of times. And the majority of the handful of rides? Pretty much just walking. Walking ... in the dark. So also spooking. He has a lot of energy. He expends some if it in turnout, but ...... Continue Reading →

Weenie Wednesday

Conrad update! He had a minor surgery a while back and was a bit restricted in his movements. He also did not enjoy wearing a tshirt inside. But his stitches have come out and he is busy sleeping, or enjoying sunny weather, or eating, or enjoying cold weather slightly less than he enjoys sunny weather.... Continue Reading →

The Hunter Clip

I prefer a full body clip over other styles, but I put Eli's needs first. And he needs those legs to be fuzzy. And he needs a back patch for the saddle. I don't think he needs a hairy face, necessarily, but clipping over his face dent does freak me out a little so he... Continue Reading →

Tack Locker Refresh

Most of this is now not in my locker. My tack locker at the barn isn't a large space, but it is definitely enough for a saddle, some strap goods, a few sets of boots ... I crammed quite a bit more than that in there over the years. A lot of it was collecting... Continue Reading →

Rocks Eat Horses

Progress continues on improvements the barn owner has underway at the barn. Some landscaping boulders have been placed along the driveway. Eli first noticed these on Thursday and he was exceptionally cautious about approaching them. I held off introducing him to the rocks because some workers were still messing around with equipment nearby - which... Continue Reading →

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