Weenie Wednesday: Summer Begins!

I know it’s not technically summer yet, but I think we are finally past all the chilly mornings for a while. Not that this stops Conrad from burrowing under blankets while inside.

But at least our walks are warm now! No more sweaters for a while, so I have cleaned them and they are stashed in one of Conrad’s dressers. (Yes, my dog has furniture for storing his things.)

I love Conrad’s current harness, but it is thickly padded, and the same brand has a lighter-weight harness. I haven’t walked him far in it yet or gotten any pictures of it. At first I was worried it somehow didn’t fit, but then I figured out a not-quite-obvious way to extend the girth straps more so it totally fits Conrad. There were quite a few reviews saying the sizing was off, so I am wondering if people had a similar experience as I did until I figured out how to extend the straps more.

I have also been thinking about lighter-weight, hot weather breeches, since that is what I mostly wear while walking Conrad in the mornings.


Riding Warehouse of course had a great sale, so of course I finally decided it was time to try the RJ Classics Prestige Gulf breeches. They seem okay for really hot weather, and definitely were comfortable in the mornings. The one weird thing is there is no center back belt loop. I probably wouldn’t pay full price for these, but for the sale price they are a good pair of breeches.

Conrad eats breakfast after we walk, and then he curls up under a blanket again. What a trying existence …

In other news, I am holding my breath all day, hoping the farrier shows up and does Eli … the vet was pretty adamant about getting Eli done THIS week so we don’t end up in that negative palmar angle territory. If he gets done, he gets to start doing a little bit more stuff. I just hate the idea of calling in another farrier, but I don’t have much choice if Eli’s regular (and awesome) farrier doesn’t make it out.

Weenie Wednesday: Waddles

Let’s just enjoy the cuteness of Conrad walking, this time sans sweater:

I worked until midnight last night so I am not moving super fast today. Apparently this week is known as “Hell Week” here. I have been here for over ten years and somehow missed that appellation until now. Trying not to count the minutes until next Tuesday!

Weenie Wednesday: Countdown to Sine Die!

Conrad is my little reliable bright spot at the end of the day. Blogging is a little slow lately and not just because Eli is injured. WORK IS NUTS. BUT it’s all over on Memorial Day! Yes, I will be at work ON Memorial Day. It’s the last day of the legislative session, and this is when the legislature adjourns “sine die.” Which is hilariously mispronounced in a quaint Texas way.

This is a good representation of how much energy I have right now.

So enough work crap, here’s some cute Conrad!

“Mommy, it’s midnight. We are we sleeping in the chair?”


We have had SUN and less cold air in the mornings!


Weenie Wednesday: Begging for Cheese

I think one of my most favorite foods is cheese. Conrad could probably say the same, although I try not to give him cheese because it’s not something his digestive system can handle well. But he might get an itty-bitty tiny morsel of Havarti every once in a while.

In other Conrad news, we had to reschedule his grooming appointment because of an unexpected repair the company had to do on the mobile grooming vehicle. So Conrad has to wait a few more weeks before he can see his groomer again. I think he was secretly looking forward to being all fresh and clean and may have been slightly disappointed when I told him we had to reschedule.

Conrad is very good at looking extremely disappointed, as you can see.

Weenie Wednesday: Chilly Mornings

First, I would like to say thank you for all of the kind words of support and and encouragement from everyone. It means a lot to me to know Eli has friends all over.

And now, on to the weenie!


Spring is definitely here, and with it some monster storms (unfortunately). There have been chilly mornings, too! Such that Conrad had to wear a sweater one morning, and a hoodie the next morning.



I swear I am trying to get good bluebonnet pictures of Conrad, but he is too busy to pose.


After those chilly walks we have to eat breakfast and snuggle under blankets.


I am ready for warmer mornings, that’s for sure!


Weenie Wednesday: Please Stop Raining on the Weekends!

Is there any way we can have a Saturday without rain? The weather is great this week! Just … not on Saturday. This is sad for Conrad because we walk in the mornings to have the park all to ourselves, avoid bugs (which we would contend with if we walked in the evenings instead), and avoid hot pavement. It seems like we have had rain every weekend for the past 7 or 8 months.

I think Conrad still had a pretty fun weekend, though. He wore himself out on Sunday because of visitors and grilling of the meats. He did not want to get out of bed Monday morning! He is not supposed to shirk his alarm clock duties like that.

Weenie Wednesday

Conrad has had a big week already! We still had to wear sweaters on our walks over the weekend.

So no new wildflower pictures featuring Conrad. Then one evening he tried jumping to a stool that leads to one of his chairs, and he yelped. That was startling! He seemed reluctant to jump at all for a few minutes. I worried he had injured something, but he was walking around fine. Even running around fine.

Cookies from patentlybay on Vimeo.

The video was taken post-yelp-incident. (Yes, it’s dark. I live in a cave.) So you can see he had no trouble getting around. And also how cutely he chews up Milkbones. He still periodically seems hesitant to jump up onto things, but then he jumps anyway. I am thinking perhaps it’s not so much injury as discomfort, like maybe he needs some joint supplements? I would like to have his vet evaluate the situation first, before making any changes.

And then his groomer came on Monday! He is always worried when he goes out to the mobile grooming van, but then comes back from grooming all happy and waggly. He got a very cute bandanna this time.

And jumped right up into his chair, as you can see. He has stairs up to the footstool next to the chair but he always looks at them and chooses to jump onto the footstool from the floor. So I think I see some stair training in the future. He handles the actual stairs to the second story just fine, but his personal stairs aren’t something he tries to use yet. Maybe I should get him a ramp instead?