Weenie Wednesday on a Thursday

I tend to forget how small Conrad is because he is usually right next to me. But he is a short little fellow.

And we have gone from sweaters one day to nothing the next!

Perhaps Texas has seen the end of the cold weather?

Luckily, I planned a long time ago to take off work the week of spring break around here. My workplace is still open to the public and I am sure it is going to be packed next week! I will be glad to be in a different county, enjoying my horse and my dog and maybe some time with friends who are also off work.


Weenie Wednesday on a Monday

Last week got away from me! Conrad is still doing Conrad things, and enjoying his new freedom in half of the backyard. Supervised freedom, anyway.

Spring seems to be hanging on around here, and when Conrad and I went on a walk on Sunday morning, we did not even wear sweaters. Maybe if the weather could just stay this pleasant for a few months …. not likely, being that this is Texas but I can dream.

Weenie Wednesday: All Good

Conrad is tired of having to wear sweaters on our walks! HeĀ  is always all for it in the beginning of winter, but then I think he just wants it to be warm again after a few months.

His vet called last Thursday, and the little growth she aspirated has no malignancy, so that’s good! So now I get to decide if it should be removed anyway, because there were some fatty cells. It seems like it is getting smaller since it was aspirated, though, so I haven’t decided yet.

Work has been a bit bazonkers lately! I am hoping it slows down of the summer at least for a little while, but that’s not looking likely. If this is the new normal for me at work, I am going to need more coffee. I’d rather just hang out with Conrad or Eli.


Weenie Wednesday: Conrad Hates Vet Visits

Conrad had a visit from his groomer, which was bad enough. Then he had to go to the vet!

The vet visit was a regular senior wellness check up (they consider any dogs age 7 or older to be seniors and Conrad is 10-ish). So he got weighed, and another nail trim, and some vaccinations. He also had a small growth aspirated, and I am supposed to get the cytology results by the end of the week. It looked like a sebaceous cyst to me, which he gets sometimes. They crop up for a month or so and go away. Conrad’s vet seemed to think it looked more suspicious than that and she’s the one with the degree, so I agreed to the testing.

Hopefully it’s nothing! It is very small right now, so if it does need removing, that should not be too much of an issue. I was hoping to avoid any more major vet bills for a few months, but why would I think that would even be possible with my animals at this point? Ha! They make it up to me daily in their cuteness, at least.

Weenie Wednesday: Rain, Rain, Rain

It has been raining here since Sunday. … Conrad and I went on a very short, drizzly walk on Sunday and I think he was really reconsidering his insistence on going for a walk that day.

I know for a fact he could hear rain on the roof this morning, and his response was a little more reasonable this time …

He did NOT want to get up. Neither did I, but dog food ain’t free.

Weenie Wednesday

Conrad is just about over wearing sweaters. He’s all for it in November, but around February, which it almost is, he’s really fussy and meh about me trying to get a sweater on him. Put he has such short hair and almost no hair on his belly so if he wants to be outside for longer than a minute, he has to wear one when it’s cold (or he starts shivering and sits down to insist I now must carry him).


He’s even funnier if it’s raining outside. No, he DOES NOT want to go outside when he can hear the rain on the roof!

Weenie Wednesday on a Friday Again Again

It’s the holidays. I really only am kind of sure it’s Friday, so it could totally be Wednesday.

Conrad had a good Christmas. He loves opening presents maybe a little more than the presents themselves. He got Nylabones and pajamas and a new blanket! He thought maybe he should try to kill the blanket, so it got taken away and washed pretty quickly.