Weenie Wednesday on a Friday Again Again

It’s the holidays. I really only am kind of sure it’s Friday, so it could totally be Wednesday.

Conrad had a good Christmas. He loves opening presents maybe a little more than the presents themselves. He got Nylabones and pajamas and a new blanket! He thought maybe he should try to kill the blanket, so it got taken away and washed pretty quickly.

Weenie Wednesday: Dog Clothes

In the summer, Conrad goes about his business in just his fur. But in cooler temperatures, he wears stuff. Sometimes a tee shirt, sometimes a sweatshirt, and sometimes a sweater. Now, I agonize over what clothes to put on Eli in cooler temperatures, but with Conrad it’s a little easier. He gets cold easily and burrows under blankets while inside. But if it’s chilly on our walks, it is usually pretty easy to figure out if he needs one of his heavy wool sweaters or just a lightweight hoodie.

But when he gets home, he sits under blankets …

Weenie Wednesday on a Friday

It’s “the holidays” so don’t expect me to adhere to any kind of regular schedule until, like, after January. The holiday stuff actually isn’t so bad, but UGH CEDAR. I am not a super energetic person to begin with, and the cedar has me in half-extinct giant sloth mode. But Conrad is still cute. And still sleeps more than me!

No, really. He’s dachshund. He sleeps all the times.

And of course I think it’s the cutest thing ever.

I don’t really have much time off for Christmas, but I am hoping for decent weather. Cold is fine, but no rain, please. I would like to walk my dog and ride my horse a little more than what is happening right now. I think that could be part of why my energy is sapped — I haven’t been able to do the things that motivate me. It may take more energy to do those things, but I feel like I gain a lot of energy back when I get to do them regularly.

Weenie Wednesday: Decorations are Up

There is a certain practicality to putting Christmas decor up right after Thanksgiving … when else is anybody going to have the time to do it?  So Conrad got his walks…

And he got snuggly blanket time ..

And then I tried to make him sit in front of the tree. And these were the best results:

He only knows “sit” but not “stay” so I couldn’t get far enough away from him to get a good shot of him and the whole tree.

Weenie Wednesday: Cold Snap

Haaaa, how does a week go by without me noticing? First of all, it went from pleasant fall weather to ice in my face in about 30 minutes on Monday. Conrad got groomed when it was nice outside; I managed to ride, too, and then as I was leaving the barn winter blew in. Forcefully.

Conrad sometimes must think that maybe the weather out the front door is different than the weather out the back door. We’ll walk out the back door into bleak icy wet blackness, and he just backs right up, back into the house. Then we go out the front door, and he seems so disappointed it’s the same thing.

This cold has been a relief after the summer we had, but does there have to be ice? I actually had to scrape my windshield … in Texas … in November. We had three non-consecutive days of autumn and now we have winter.

Eli’s been fun lately …

Weenie Wednesday: I am that dog mom …

Conrad does indeed have a sweater with “mom” on it. Judge me all you want.

Yes … it’s Thursday, not Wednesday. Eli’s shoe situation is throwing me off kilter just a wee bit. I am hoping to have it all resolved by next week — he should get the right front tacked on today — hopefully a different right front with the dental mold & pads but no bar. I keep forgetting to measure Eli for hoof boots so I set an alarm on my phone to remind me to do that today after work. And while his live-in bell boots are still hanging on, I need a back up pair on hand because the current ones are closer to shredded than not. And I probably need some thin pastern wraps for whenever he may be turned out in hoof boots. Anything else I am not thinking of? (He gets a supplement with biotin in it already.)

Weenie Wednesday

Conrad actually wore a sweater.

Because it is actually cold! I am dragging Eli’s blanket out to the barn tonight, too. He may be fluffy, but he ain’t *that* fluffy.

Conrad is enjoying blanket weather as long as he’s under the blanket.

He is also very strict about making me massage his ears.