Weenie Wednesday: Xolo Boutique

A few weeks ago, Xolo Boutique had some limited, flash sale coupons and while I wasn’t fast enough to get in on the biggest discount, I still got Conrad a collar (and me a bracelet to match) for an excellent price. He is definitely at the lowest end of the size range for this collar, so it’s not a snug fit, but his leash is never attached to his collar so it’s not like he’s going to slip out of it.


I love this color combo on Conrad. I may have ordered yet another blue harness solely to match this collar. And also possibly to use as his backyard harness because it’s a step-in harness that’s easy to get on. I’ll have to review it at some point, but so far I like it.

Back to the COLLAR, which is definitely more important right now.

Conrad doesn’t wear collars inside the house. But maybe he should?

He is very skeptical of my suggestion to wear a collar inside the house.

Weenie Wednesday: New Collar Preview

Xolo Boutique had some awesome flash coupon codes recently and I took advantage! I haven’t had a chance to get good pictures, but maybe by next Wednesday?

Posting here is taking a backseat right now — I just have too much going on, which I find somewhat annoying but that’s life. Hopefully in a few weeks things will settle down and I won’t feel so brain-fried (and I’m a little body-fried, too, to be honest).

Weenie Wednesday: Pet Safety in Hot Weather

Conrad and I do just fine in the heat because we stay in air conditioning. If we walk, it’s in the mornings, usually before 8am, before the pavement heats up. But because I’ve seen some idiots walking their dogs in the afternoons lately — when it is HOT AS F*** HERE — I thought I’d collect a little guide of links to pet safety tips for hot weather. It’s not exhaustive, just some stuff from reputable national organizations about keeping your pets in air conditioning, first aid for pets with heat stroke, not walking your pet on hot pavement, and not leaving your pet in a car that will basically become an oven in five minutes.

The heat wave forecast for basically the entire country was a second inspiration for this post — so check on horses and people, too.

Conrad is not a barn dog by any stretch, so I don’t worry about keeping him cool while I am at the barn. Here are some pictures of him enjoying a Milkbone, in a chair, in the air conditioning:

I like how his eyes get a little crazy when he chomps on a treat.

Weenie Wednesday

Conrad had a new groomer on Friday. He has mixed feelings about being groomed. He doesn’t like going out to the groom-mobile. But when he comes back in all clean and fresh and smelling a little like chai tea, he can’t stop wagging his tail at the groomer.

This groomer trimmed his nails nice and short! It’s really not too much for him to endure a little bath and nail trim every 6 weeks.

Weenie Wednesday: Happy 4th!

Happy Independence Day (in advance of tomorrow)! Keep your pets safe.

Luckily, Conrad does not care at all about fireworks.

He’ll just sleep through all of it. Fireworks are banned in my neighborhood, but that never stops anybody. I am hoping there aren’t too many fireworks near the barn, too. Some of the barn neighbors also have horses, so I am not worried about them. And I am sure the horses will all be in their stalls eating hay. It might not be feasible to close the stall windows if it’s hot.

The 4th of July is needlessly stressful for animals. I would prefer no fireworks at all!

Weenie Wednesday: Busy

Conrad spends a lot of time jogging from scent to scent on our walks. He always looks busy to me. Like he is extremely busy and cannot be interrupted.

But sometimes he stops for a second to sniff the air.

Of course those are very brief pauses.

It’s a good thing his legs are short, otherwise I’d be running to keep up. And I don’t run.


Weenie Wednesday

A little late afternoon posting … Conrad is loving walks on warmer mornings. Since school is out, we walked around the grounds of the neighborhood school to explore some different smells.

And I left work at lunch today to attend to the other fur kid … now I just need to figure out how can I work part time but get paid the same? Because today was so much less stressful than a full work day … c’est la vie.

Weenie Wednesday: Summer Begins!

I know it’s not technically summer yet, but I think we are finally past all the chilly mornings for a while. Not that this stops Conrad from burrowing under blankets while inside.

But at least our walks are warm now! No more sweaters for a while, so I have cleaned them and they are stashed in one of Conrad’s dressers. (Yes, my dog has furniture for storing his things.)

I love Conrad’s current harness, but it is thickly padded, and the same brand has a lighter-weight harness. I haven’t walked him far in it yet or gotten any pictures of it. At first I was worried it somehow didn’t fit, but then I figured out a not-quite-obvious way to extend the girth straps more so it totally fits Conrad. There were quite a few reviews saying the sizing was off, so I am wondering if people had a similar experience as I did until I figured out how to extend the straps more.

I have also been thinking about lighter-weight, hot weather breeches, since that is what I mostly wear while walking Conrad in the mornings.


Riding Warehouse of course had a great sale, so of course I finally decided it was time to try the RJ Classics Prestige Gulf breeches. They seem okay for really hot weather, and definitely were comfortable in the mornings. The one weird thing is there is no center back belt loop. I probably wouldn’t pay full price for these, but for the sale price they are a good pair of breeches.

Conrad eats breakfast after we walk, and then he curls up under a blanket again. What a trying existence …

In other news, I am holding my breath all day, hoping the farrier shows up and does Eli … the vet was pretty adamant about getting Eli done THIS week so we don’t end up in that negative palmar angle territory. If he gets done, he gets to start doing a little bit more stuff. I just hate the idea of calling in another farrier, but I don’t have much choice if Eli’s regular (and awesome) farrier doesn’t make it out.