Weenie Wednesday

Conrad has figured out where treats and toys come from …

he knows where the treats live from patentlybay on Vimeo.

He got yet another stuffingless toy to maul, which he did do.

killing a fox toy from patentlybay on Vimeo.

I’ll have a little bit of an eye (my eye) update for y’all tomorrow … normally I don’t like to share too much detail related to medical information, but I think this might be helpful for people to know about, because it surprised the crap out of me!

Weenie Wednesday: Two Horse Tack Bling Collar and Leash Review

Lest you think I have been depriving Conrad of proper attention, toys, and adornments, I would like to tell you about his latest look. He rocks orange like no other.

Two Horse Tack sent Conrad a dog collar and leash made from Beta Biothane and some extra shiny adornments added, i.e., bling. I picked orange for Conrad because it seems to be his favorite color. Before the collar and leash arrived, I admit I was somewhat skeptical about what the material would be like. I have zero experience with synthetic tack; Conrad’s other collars have been nylon or leather.

As soon as I unwrapped the collar and leash, I thought there had been a mistake. They were soft, flexible, and felt like leather in my hands. I was completely surprised by how much the Beta Biothane seemed like leather! I tried the collar on Conrad immediately and he got a few extra cookies for modeling.

Okay, so I know we all describe fancy French bridle leather as buttery soft, so is it a little weird that that’s what I thought of when I picked up the leash? Conrad and I test-drove the collar and leash on our Saturday walk, and I am really pleased with not only the quality of the material and sparkliness of the stones, but the hardware also seems very durable.

And all you have to do to clean it is a little soap and water! There’s no way for it to get grimey like nylon does. Not that Conrad is into getting dirty, but maybe your dogs are a little more adventurous or mud-loving.

Two Horse Tack is also, don’t forget, a tack shop, and offers all kinds of custom things in Beta Biothane, beyond their selection of dog collars and leashes. And for any of you wishing to check out Two Horse Tack, I have a 10% off coupon code for you all.

You can also sign up for the Two Horse Tack newsletter if you haven’t already for more special offers and updates.

Maybe Eli needs a green side-pull …


Weenie Wednesday

Other than a haze of oak pollen and catkins everywhere, the weather cannot be beat in Texas right now. On Sunday, Conrad and I went on one of our usual weekend walks and I turned him loose on a basketball court for a bit.

He just likes being outside 🙂

Weenie Wednesday: Fire Zone

Conrad’s perspective is low to the ground, so sometimes I sit next to him on the ground and try to see what he sees.

Pretty sure he sees invisible squirrels.

Hopefully the warmer weather brings more mild walks our way.

And sometimes I don’t realize what’s in a picture I take of Conrad until I look at it later.