Weenie Wednesday: Survivor

Let me just say … I HATE SCORPIONS. I would slice them all up into 8ths and set them on fire and douse them in sulfuric acid and hope their chitinous asses suffer for all eternity if I could. If they would even suffer.

Poor Conrad. He got stung.

Early Sunday morning as I was harnessing him for his walk, he yelped and cried terribly. And then I saw a scorpion crawling away off the (darkly-colored and patterned) door mat onto the floor. Normally if Conrad sees a scorpion he backs up and barks at it, but neither of us saw this one camouflaged on the carpet. Needless to say the scorpion is dead.

I called the emergency vet clinic in my area and they said it happens a lot and the best thing to do is give benadryl at 1mg per pound of body weight. And that scorpion stings cause some dogs to cough a lot.

Well, Conrad did indeed start coughing. Incessantly. Like all day Sunday, full-body hacking, wheezy coughs. I called another vet clinic but they said the same thing. He was eating okay, so I kept him on benadryl Sunday and Monday. He coughed less on Monday.

He definitely seemed overcome with malaise when he wasn’t coughing, but he did improve. His groomer came to give him a bath & nail trim on Tuesday evening – I did warn her about the cough but she said he did well.

He looked a lot peppier after the grooming. He still has a coughing fit occassionally and he seems a bit depressed. He is usually very chatty with me but he has been quiet, perhaps because his throat hurts from all the coughing?

I do hope he keeps improving. He has been very tough and brave through all of this! Ugh. I really hate scorpions. Why do they even exist? Like what psycho dreamed that shit up?

Weenie Wednesday: House Shoes

Yes, it is Thursday, not Wednesday, but …

Birkenstocks had not been on my radar since high school. But I am not one to walk around barefoot anywhere, not even in my own house. I love my German old lady shoes but, um, apparently … feet get wider as you age and also get a little longer, too. The Worishofers are 39s. I think I need 40s. And then I saw these silver, squishy sole birks … is the squishy sole a new thing? So these are my new house/wfh shoes. They *do* have that crazy arch just like they did in high school so they took two (non-consecutive) days to break in and my right foot especially is a bit angry. Ugh. Does anyone know a good source for Worishofers? I’ll stick it out with the birks because they have kind of molded to my feet but they don’t really rise to the level of comfort I experience in a pair of Worishofers.

So how do my house shoes tie into Conrad’s feature day? Because I take him on short walks in the house shoes. It’s funny — he walks right along, just like Eli. I guess Conrad is actually trotting. Or whatever you call this gait in a dog. A jog? A dog jog. Ok.

Weenie Wednesday on a Saturday

Basically this is a post of Conrad pictures from over the last few months
He has been doing well on his prescription diet!
He did develop a mystery limp
His xrays looked okay, though, so he got sent home with some medication and had to rest for a week
Guest appearance by a friend’s dog!
Resting is obviously very difficult for Conrad
Like how much more do I have to rest, mam?
I am obsessed with these blankets. Conrad loves them!
so some of these pictures are blurry but sometimes life is blurry so it’s ok
another friend’s dog cameo!
Conrad’s limp did indeed resolve with rest and meloxicam but he makes sure to get extra rest just in case!

Weenie Wednesday

Conrad update! He had a minor surgery a while back and was a bit restricted in his movements. He also did not enjoy wearing a tshirt inside.

But his stitches have come out and he is busy sleeping, or enjoying sunny weather, or eating, or enjoying cold weather slightly less than he enjoys sunny weather.

Maybe he needs sunglasses? Our walks have been short and we are still avoiding the park for now, mainly in an effort to avoid people but he doesn’t seem to mind the shorter, slower walks because I give him as much time as he wants to smell everything.

Weenie Wednesday: Doing Better!

Indecisively staring at his toy basket.


My squishy little weenie man seems to be doing much better after all the ER vet drama. (I was pretty much the drama part.) Conrad has his sass and energy level back (still a very low-energy dog at home) and I am making a change to his diet.

And he seems to being doing well after this change! His previous food had a crude fat min. percentage that I think is just too high for his sensitive stomach to tolerate any more, considering his age. I found a few things that have less than half that and so far he is loving it. He had gotten very reluctant to eat his food, and now I understand why. It was probably making his tummy ache a little every time he ate. Poor little man.

Could possibly be trying to hypnotize me into giving him fried deli turkey.


So we are sticking with the newer diet, helping the transition with boiled white meat chicken and white rice, which Conrad wished he could eat all the time.

The chicken and rice gets warmed up and mixed in with the new food — I think Conrad prefers warm food to cold. He can’t eat a whole can of dog food in one go, obviously, so his dog food gets refrigerated. Putting the warm food in with the cold food makes it easier for him to eat for sure.

Weenie Wednesday: Conrad Pretends It Is Cold Outside

If you saw Conrad only in the house, you’d think it’s 40F and raining.

He does love a good fuzzy blanket. But it’s warm outside, so he’s not wearing any cute outfits on our walks.

He did get a bandanna for being a good boy for the groomer!

We’ll just be over here pretending it’s winter until it is actually winter. Then we’ll be too cold.

Weenie Wednesday: Sleeping on the Job

Conrad now understands what “we gotta go to work” means. It means we go upstairs to my corner office and he takes his spot on the couch. He hops right up the stairs when I say it. Of course, why have apprehension about work when your job is to sleep?

He is really into fuzzy blankets.

He is also getting more short walks during the week.

Many times the walking involves a lot of sitting … but then he gets to rest and watch a little tv with me when I get home from the barn. He likes pretty much anything thing that involves doing not much of anything.

He also likes hanging out in the kitchen, hoping for scraps of turkey or another one of his own dog cookies.

He almost blends in with the flooring and cabinets.