Weenie Wednesday: Backyard Time

The weather has become more pleasant, though not yet hot enough for bugs to get out of hand. On Easter, Conrad just kind of stood in the backyard for a little while looking at stuff in the grass. He is not allowed freedom in the backyard because he eats baby rabbits — that’s why he’s on a leash. I have no idea what was so interesting in the grass.


Weenie Wednesday: DST

While equestrians are celebrating an extra hour of light in the evenings (I, too, am celebrating that part), most everyone else is experiencing some form of exhaustion from sleep disruption and losing that hour in the mornings. As am I. And my dog. Conrad just CANNOT yet.

I eventually got him out of bed for a brief turn around the cul-de-sac and some breakfast. I am sure he went right back to bed after I left for work.

Weenie Wednesday + something for sale

keeping me in shape from patentlybay on Vimeo.

Enjoy this motivating video of Conrad jogging and modeling a blue hoodie his Grammy gave him for Christmas.

Also, buy this show jacket:

NWT FITS Zephyr show jacket, size Small, never worn, $125 shipped to lower 48. PayPal only. I can’t wear this in hunterland and it seems to run just a little big so the fit doesn’t work for me anyway.