“When I’m not riding, I’m …” Blog Hop

Now, that’s the Spot & FB Pony brainstormed this cool idea for a blog hop:

What other activities, hobbies, or sports do you do outside of riding? 

I’m glad it morphed into the broader topic, away from asking just about what we do to stay in shape, because I am slow and uncoordinated and don’t play all that well with others. No team sports for me. And the gym? Nope. I’ve tried a handful of different gyms, having a personal trainer, taking fitness classes of various fitness-y activities, and NONE of it sticks. I can’t run. I don’t like to lift anything. Riding a bike makes me uncomfortable. I very likely will fall on my face if I try to throw, catch, or kick a ball. Being in any orientation other than where the horizon is a nice, flat, perfectly horizontal line (sky up/ground down) will cause me to barf or pass out or both. Even looking at mountains makes me feel lightheaded, although I do rather enjoy the novelty of that.

This is me when trying anything.

Why I don’t get motion sickness while riding a horse, but do on basically any other mode of transport, including escalators, I have never figured out. Riding IS my exercise.

I kind of like swimming, if this counts:

women in pool with cocktailsWhether or not I’m outdoorsy … riding horses is mostly an outdoor activity. But camping? NO. I hate bugs, unless they are dead and involved in classification of specimens and pin-boarding:

BUTTERFLY DISPLAY CASEIf I were an affluent white male in Victorian England, of sensitive disposition, thorough education, and rarefied tastes, I could see myself being a naturalist. Not like Darwin on the Beagle, though.

DCquoteBut hey, I like art …

juddboxesAnd pizza and beer …

pizzaandbeerAnd my dog …

cdogI read a lot. I’m mildly obsessed with fashion. Sometimes I play fantasy football. Day trips into the hill country are fun, because they usually involve wine tastings. I relish a seat at the opera. I’ll go antiquing. I like to know how things work, and where things come from. I would probably enjoy ghost hunting. I live on coffee. My day job? I’m a librarian. Total shock, I’m sure, after everything you just read.

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Fair warning: Wherein a drought-stricken Texan selfishly laments about the weather

Eeyore_RainThe forecast for the upcoming horse show this weekend looks a bit damp. That means no show for me, as I will be out of town on the rain date. AND because my work schedule is about to go ape shit, I probably can’t show again until JUNE. Ah, the howling lament of the Adult Amateur–no ponies without a job, but job gets in the way of fun with ponies A LOT. job-fails-ill-make-it-through-this-week-i-sweargiphy

Maybe it won’t rain.