EGO 7 Orion Field Boot Review Update

Back in October/November-ish, I ordered EGO 7 Orion Field Boots from Germany. This means I spent $340 USD for boots that retail at $499 here (many tack shops have them in stock now). And you know what? I'd buy these boots again at $499 in a heartbeat. 10 months in to wearing these boots fairly … Continue reading EGO 7 Orion Field Boot Review Update

French Link

I have a semantic question for you: what kind of bit do you call a French link? A French link, to me, denotes a very specific type of double-joint of a bit, like the above one. But I frequently see people describing almost any double-jointed bit as a French link, especially the double-jointed Herm Sprenger … Continue reading French Link

Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask Review

While it seems so far away now, Eli did have some sinus procedures that left a hole in his face the size of a half dollar. He could go back to work before the hole healed completely. I had a high level of apprehension about this and wanted some degree of protection for his face … Continue reading Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask Review

Weenie Wednesday: Two Horse Tack Bling Collar and Leash Review

Lest you think I have been depriving Conrad of proper attention, toys, and adornments, I would like to tell you about his latest look. He rocks orange like no other. Two Horse Tack sent Conrad a dog collar and leash made from Beta Biothane and some extra shiny adornments added, i.e., bling. I picked orange … Continue reading Weenie Wednesday: Two Horse Tack Bling Collar and Leash Review

Lund Saddlery Running Martingale Review

The running martingale is a fairly common piece of tack for the jumper ring. But just because it's the jumper ring doesn't mean it can't be raised and fancy-stitched. The Lund running martingale shares added features and classic touches as the rest of the Lund line of strap goods. It means taking a little extra … Continue reading Lund Saddlery Running Martingale Review