Botori Riding Pants Review

I don’t wear riding tights or leggings — I never have, even as a kid. It’s always been jeans or breeches. (French saddles pretty much got everyone out of jeans and into breeches.)

Maybe that’s still true since these are called “pants“?

My friend convinced me I needed these pants! P.S. How cute is her pony???

I picked up on the Botori equestrian brand via Instagram, like many people. I liked the styling of these pants but wasn’t sure I’d really need a winter-weight pair and that was what came out first. But then Botori released new designs for summer. I couldn’t get them out of my mind. A friend said she had ordered a pair and I told her to tell me if she liked them or not. The next time I saw her, she was wearing them and I KNEW I needed a pair.

These are the most comfortable pair of pants I own. I have a pair of Patagonia yoga pants that I love, and up until now had been my most comfortable pair of pants, but not any more. I wore these pants in the heat and humidity all day on Sunday and every time a slight breeze picked up, it felt like these pants were made of the icefil material of sun shirts.

They even have mesh cuffs at the bottom … genius

They are also extremely comfortable to ride in. I wondered how it would feel in the saddle, but I didn’t feel any less secure. The pants’ wide waistband kept them in place during my ride in them. It was easy to keep my smartphone on me during my ride in one of the mesh thigh pockets.

Barn kitty approved

Really, I am just so impressed with these pants! I could sleep in them, they are so soft and cool and comfortable. When I first opened the package with them (which shipped within an hour of me placing my order — how is that for customer service!) I held them up and was like … whoa … these are tiny.

Botoris double as excellent dog walking pants

Are these the right size? They were, and they have so much stretch in them. They fit beautifully once I pulled them on and I knew I had ordered and received the right size.

Work outside all day in complete comfort

I definitely need another pair. Maybe two more pairs … these will see a ton of use this summer!

GHM Add Back Breeches Review

I got a few pairs of the GHM Add Back breeches for my birthday back in May, and I am loving them for summer riding.

I love the wine color. Possibly because I love wine …

First, the styling of these breeches is in keeping with current trends in breeches design — things we’ve come to expect now such as smooth sock bottoms, a wide waist, and sticky silicone knee patches. An added detail about the Add Backs that really caught my eye is the suede piping at the slant pockets. It’s a nice, luxurious touch that makes these breeches a good candidate for showing as well as schooling. They have the ever-popular and flattering Euro seat style, but even better? The color options. Safari is the show-appropriate color, but I also have the graphite and wine and the colors are very rich, with a slight sheen giving a jewel-toned effect. The wide waist means I can pair them with my beloved Duftler spur belts.

You can see a peek of the suede detail and pocket embroidery here.

The fit of the GHM Add Back breeches seems to run slim. For me, that’s a good thing. The waist is snug enough that I don’t have a problem with the breeches sinking lower and lower as I wear a pair throughout the day. Additionally, I have slim calves, and sometimes it’s a struggle to find breeches that aren’t baggy in the calf–these breeches are not baggy around my calf at all. These breeches also have a longer inseam that most of my other breeches, and almost cover my ankle bone. This all being said, the material is pretty stretchy. I measured the inseam on one of my pairs, and it runs 27″ long. For reference, I wear a 28 and the size chart runs pretty true-to-size — the size chart indicates the inseam is 26 1/2″ so that’s pretty close.

Safari color pictured.

A really popular feature right now on breeches is a silicone knee patch or seat. When riding, the silicone offers a more secure, grippy feeling in the saddle. These breeches have that extra grip for sure! That’s just one functional feature on these breeches out of many. The material is also very thin and lightweight without being see-through. It’s a great material for summer — I was able to wear a pair all day at a show in the heat (got up to like 102F at the show!) and the material kept me cool (relatively speaking), dry, and comfortable. You might think thin material would be flimsy or too stretchy and would lose it’s shape, but these breeches held their shape very well in such hot and humid conditions. They wash up well and like many other breeches, I line dry these. A dryer is not a good thing for athletic material or silicone.

2″ wide belt accommodated

I am so pleasantly surprised by just how much I love these breeches — finding a pair of breeches for under $100 that look great and actually perform well when I’ve thrown heat and horses and dust and water at them has been difficult, but these breeches live up to all of that and more, offering an affordable option without sacrificing athletic details that are must-haves on modern breeches.

You can find this style and others from the George H Morris Collection at And during Father’s Day sale, use code FDS18 now through 6/17 for 15% off your order, or get 15% off your first order any time with code SAS15P.

Show Outfit Details

One of my favorite parts of showing is picking an outfit. This show was no different.

I should really do a proper review of the AA Motion Lite because it is an outstanding show jacket for the price. I pulled it out of the closet again for Saturday because I knew even the morning would be uncomfortably warm. I’m am never wearing a wool coat again, and I want a navy Motion Lite now. Just waiting on another Riding Warehouse sale …

I chose a Le Fash shirt to wear under my jacket, perhaps bucking the white trend a little. I periodically check in on the Le Fash sale section of the website for good deals, and got this shirt that way.

There are so many options for show breeches now, it can be hard trying to decide which ones to pick. For this show, I wore the George H Morris Add Back breeches from the George H Morris Collection and I LOVE them. I stayed comfortable and dry in them all day and it was 100F in the afternoon. I was done showing, but felt no need to change out of these breeches because of how comfortable they are. And y’all … these breeches look great but they are under $100. How many breeches do you have that you can say that about?


A show outfit is not complete without a belt, and while it would be most traditional to wear a black belt with black boots, I thought a fabric Mango Bay belt would be more comfortable on such a hot day. And I am into mixing prints, so art nouveau print with plaid? Yes.

I showed in my Ego 7 boots again this time — you can see my reviews on them here and here.

Summer Riding Style 2018: Breeches

Does it seem like there is a dizzying array of breeches flooding the market lately? Four brands in particular have caught my eye (for some this would not be the first time).

Botori Taylor leggings

Botori appeared over the winter, and now their summer riding pants have hit the market, complete with colored knee patches and mesh. I guess these are more tights than breeches? A friend just got a pair, and she is loving them. I am still obsessed.

PS of Sweden Noomi breeches

Not only can PS make stylish and functional bridles, saddle pads, and wraps — complete with sparkling browbands — they can make gorgeous breeches. I love this shade of dark blue!

Ghodho Aubrie breeches

I have enjoyed Ghodho’s breeches in the past, and they keep coming up with new designs that have my wallet running away from me. I want a pair, but I am balking at the price tag a bit.

GHM Add Back breeches

Okay, THESE I actually own, and I have been very pleasantly surprised and impressed. This is a new line of breeches from the makers of Equine Couture, and they offer quite the palette of on-trend colors. I got a few pairs for my birthday, and y’all can expect a more thorough review soon!


I am sure I have mentioned before that Eli has a jacked up hind end. He has wonky conformation, and I have discussed it with both the vet and the farrier (repeatedly). While there is no real fix for unconventional conformation, there are things that can mitigate it — correct shoeing, therapeutic maintenance, protective boots, not looking for too long at his hind end …

Well, I finally got a picture that truly illustrates Eli’s unsusual conformation:

See how his left toe is pointing right, but the front of his left hock is pointing left? It’s even wonkier on the right, although not possible to really see in this image. And if you watch him walk straight at you, you can see how his whole right hind rotates as he pushes off the ground. His left leg is bow-legged, and his right leg stands a bit too close to his left. Pretty creepy, honestly.

I think at least partially as a result of this build, Eli can have trouble with interference behind. But of course he goes in turnout without boots. He clips himself quite a bit — he’s got two nicks, both with some swelling, on his hind pasterns. I was even concerned a fetlock boot had caused one, but once I put the boots back on I could see that the nick was lower than the boot. (And the boot didn’t slip during our ride last night.) When I took the boots off, Eli shifted his weight. He literally dragged the inside of his right hoof up against the inside of his left pastern — gee, I guess catching the trailer of his shoe could have caused that nick, huh?

“where is my apple”

I am a sucker, and I am paranoid. The Veredus sheepskin-lined pastern boots are ordered, shipped, and on the way to Eli. He’s still not going to wear boots in turnout, but he’ll be wearing these new pastern boots under saddle. Although I am sure he will find new ways to nick himself. Then I will have to find new ways to prevent it. So it goes with horses.

Let’s end this post on a higher note: early birthday present to myself! Mango Bay Design makes me feel so much better about everything. If you’ve been under a rock and not yet tried her belts or tees, you are really missing out.

One last birthday-related thing — if we are friends on facebook, please find my birthday campaign for the World Wildlife Fund and consider making a donation. OR friend me on facebook to find it! ANY amount is much appreciated! And thank you to any readers who have already donated. Polar bears, whooping cranes, Irrawaddy dolphins, and snow leopards thank you, too.

Professional Pictures and Show Outfit Details

Who else shows for the pictures? The photographers got some good ones of Eli! I am slightly obsessed and basically plastering them everywhere.

This one is the new header (Lavigne Photography)

(Lavigne Photography)

(SGL Photo)

(SGL Photo)

Eli is wearing his Lund Saddlery snaffle bridle, the Fleeceworks Show Hunter saddle pad, and a Lettia girth. I use Lund Saddlery stirrup leathers and MDC irons on my Devoucoux Biarritz.

I am wearing the Alessandro Albanese Motion Lite Show Jacket (that I maybe accidentally added to my cart at Riding Warehouse last summer during a sale or something. Accidentally.), a LeFash short sleeve Sport Shirt, Equine Couture Beatta breeches, EGO 7 Orion field boots, and a Duftler spur belt from Luxe Eq.

I was pleasantly surprised with how well the Beatta breeches wore all day. I’d buy another pair if I needed to.

We could benefit from another bonnet from ITBF, but one with “Get Off My Neck” embroidered on the ears. For practice.

My Spring 2018 Equestrian Style

If y’all don’t realize by now that I LOVE CLOTHES, I might consider you illiterate. And as the seasons change, so do the styles. While I am obsessed with the Gucci FW 2018 collection, it’s not practical for riding (I am not being totally ironic here — I really am obsessed with it and I think the collection and its inspiration are pure, badass art).

But there are some ready-to-wear picks for this spring that I’ve had my eyes on — not all are necessarily “new” for spring but I wouldn’t mind if any of these wound up in my riding wardrobe between now and June.

I do not wear riding tights. I haven’t seen very many that I would be willing to wear, either, until I picked up on Botori via Instagram and the look left me wanting a pair. Tights with actual knee patches and a phone pocket? Yes! I can definitely see myself wearing these.

Okay, but back to breeches … I have, over the years, struggled with how the calves of breeches fit me. Either they are too short or too baggy. I have been on the hunt for a pair of tan breeches that fit my waist, AND my calf, aren’t too thick, and don’t raid my wallet. I may take a chance on these Equine Couture Beatta breeches. Review forthcoming? Perhaps …

But we can’t go topless on a horse. At least, I can’t. More like I won’t, really. I have been impressed lately with how RJ Classics has really stepped up their style game. Couple that with my love of pattern, and I am lusting after the Lane shirt. This pattern is definitely my favorite and so tasteful.

So this next one … if you are even remotely active on social media and you have an ex-racehorse, you are probably obsessed with this shirt that Mango Bay Design posted yesterday. If you want my world view on a t-shirt, this would be it.

Now that we are almost completely dressed, on to the accessories! Belt purses are a thing, have you noticed? This is one of those items that I have been on the fence about for a long time because I am not sure I really need one, but it would be nice to have my phone with me even while riding yet not shoved into a breeches pocket where it can (and does) bounce out and fly into the arena footing. I haven’t ever really seen one that calls to me until I saw this one from Asmar. I might be a convert.

We can’t ride without helmets. I love my GPA First Lady. I love sparkly things. What do you think comes next?

Last … is it possible to get excited about socks? For me, yes. Usually about socks with a cute pattern or print on them. Those are not the socks I am talking about today. Again, I ran across these on Instagram and these seem like the most well-thought-out socks ever designed for riders. The Achilles pad is especially appealing to me. Sometimes I am in tall boots for hours at a stretch, and my Achilles is the first thing to get ouchy from that. I think these socks could fix that issue.

What do y’all have your eyes on for adding to your riding attire collection?