Scaling Back but Feeling Full

Nothing like a pandemic to make me thankful for what I have, and to show me just how much of my life falls into the privileged sphere. I am one of the lucky few whose routine has barely changed, and what has changed so far has been mostly for the better. I still get to... Continue Reading →

Bit Thoughts

Strap yourself into the ramble seat. Let me just say at the outset that this post is not advice or counsel or applicable to horses in general. This is my experience with one bit for my slightly quirky horse. Anything I write here applies to me and to him. Only. Myler bits have been a... Continue Reading →

Five Things I Try to Remember

I think a lot about riding horses. I think about all the inspirational quotes -- the ones truly filled with wisdom -- about riding horses. Words like, "Perfect practice makes perfect" (George Morris). Or my favorite, "The harder you work, the luckier you get" (Bill Steinkraus). But riding horses is not just about working hard,... Continue Reading →

Weenie Wednesday: Integrity

I am slightly hijacking Conrad's day to appreciate what Enviro Equine and Pet has done in response to one of their sponsored riders running cross country AGAIN on a horse with a bloody mouth. When Enviro Equine and Pet announced that they had ended their relationship with Marilyn Little, I thought my best chance of... Continue Reading →

Vive les Barn Rats

If you spend any time at all on equestrian social media, news, or lifestyle sites, you may notice a trend -- "kids these days can't clean a bridle!" "They won't put in the time or the work!" "We didn't grow up like this!" "Does she even know how to tack up?" Eh ... bullshit. You'd... Continue Reading →

Revisiting the Longe Line

Eli took a spill while on a longe line quite some time ago -- maybe a few years ago? After that experience, it was clear to me that Eli did not have good enough training on the longe line to make it very safe for him to longe, nor did he have the mental capacity... Continue Reading →

Starving the Shade

You really can't live in the Western world today and not suffer in some way from anxiety. What American is not anxious about something, if not multiple somethings? (For example ... the opioid crisis, gun violence, international terrorism, domestic terrorism, failing transportation infrastructure, racism, lead in the water of not just Flint but many American... Continue Reading →

Walk Work

For the most part, I have left Eli's walk alone. On a long rein, it's fine unless he's cranking his head around one direction or another and popping a shoulder ... okay, yeah, we need to work on the walk. Finally. We have been doing more walking in general. I walk longer at the beginning... Continue Reading →

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