Weenie Wednesday

Conrad is just about over wearing sweaters. He’s all for it in November, but around February, which it almost is, he’s really fussy and meh about me trying to get a sweater on him. Put he has such short hair and almost no hair on his belly so if he wants to be outside for longer than a minute, he has to wear one when it’s cold (or he starts shivering and sits down to insist I now must carry him).


He’s even funnier if it’s raining outside. No, he DOES NOT want to go outside when he can hear the rain on the roof!

Weenie Wednesday on a Friday Again Again

It’s the holidays. I really only am kind of sure it’s Friday, so it could totally be Wednesday.

Conrad had a good Christmas. He loves opening presents maybe a little more than the presents themselves. He got Nylabones and pajamas and a new blanket! He thought maybe he should try to kill the blanket, so it got taken away and washed pretty quickly.

Light Work

I rode Eli TWO DAYS IN A ROW over the weekend. It has just been really tough to get back into a regular weekday riding schedule, mainly because although it may be 57 when I leave work at 6, by the time I get to the barn coupled with chillier rural areas in general, the temperatures have dropped to the high 30s. Um. No. I am just not going to torture myself in that, and Eli seems happy about his light work schedule.


fuzzy face

He really retains stuff well at this point, so it’s not like I am getting on a feral horse when only riding on the weekends. We are in an out-of-shape-together phase, I guess?

And honestly, I haven’t thought about showing at all. I HAVE thought about jumping, because I miss it, but I have been waiting for one more setting of shoes without bars to see if Eli’s feet are actually doing okay for jumping. He feels very sound on the flat, at least! Perhaps I am being overly cautious? I have no competition ambitions, so frankly I am not that concerned.

So I ride when it’s not too cold. And that’s Eli’s work schedule right now. Slightly warmer weather is about to coincide with my holiday time off, so maybe next week I’ll ride Eli four days in a row? Wouldn’t that be exciting?

And of course, if you are doing any last minute shopping, Breeches.com is having 50% off sitewide with coupon XMAS50 and 60% off clearance with CLEARANCE60.

I also thought of a question I should have asked yesterday … does anyone have a Furbo dog camera? Do you like it?

I am so tempted to get this for Conrad, although I am not sure he needs it, since he sleeps all day … But it might be kind of fun to give him a surprise treat while I’m at work. Or he might freak out, I don’t know. Obviously it’s steeply discounted on Amazon right now because Black Friday/Cyber Monday lasts until Christmas Day. Amazon has realized how many people with companion animals appreciate the convenience of ordering stuff online and getting it fast. I am pretty impressed with how much their selection of products for pets has expanded recently. I just picked up some Merrick Power Bites that are RABBIT flavored, so hopefully Conrad likes those! It can be hard to find low fat treats that Conrad wants to eat, but these are just 4% crude fat.

Weenie Wednesday: Dog Clothes

In the summer, Conrad goes about his business in just his fur. But in cooler temperatures, he wears stuff. Sometimes a tee shirt, sometimes a sweatshirt, and sometimes a sweater. Now, I agonize over what clothes to put on Eli in cooler temperatures, but with Conrad it’s a little easier. He gets cold easily and burrows under blankets while inside. But if it’s chilly on our walks, it is usually pretty easy to figure out if he needs one of his heavy wool sweaters or just a lightweight hoodie.

But when he gets home, he sits under blankets …

Weenie Wednesday on a Friday

It’s “the holidays” so don’t expect me to adhere to any kind of regular schedule until, like, after January. The holiday stuff actually isn’t so bad, but UGH CEDAR. I am not a super energetic person to begin with, and the cedar has me in half-extinct giant sloth mode. But Conrad is still cute. And still sleeps more than me!

No, really. He’s dachshund. He sleeps all the times.

And of course I think it’s the cutest thing ever.

I don’t really have much time off for Christmas, but I am hoping for decent weather. Cold is fine, but no rain, please. I would like to walk my dog and ride my horse a little more than what is happening right now. I think that could be part of why my energy is sapped — I haven’t been able to do the things that motivate me. It may take more energy to do those things, but I feel like I gain a lot of energy back when I get to do them regularly.

Weenie Wednesday: Decorations are Up

There is a certain practicality to putting Christmas decor up right after Thanksgiving … when else is anybody going to have the time to do it?  So Conrad got his walks…

And he got snuggly blanket time ..

And then I tried to make him sit in front of the tree. And these were the best results:

He only knows “sit” but not “stay” so I couldn’t get far enough away from him to get a good shot of him and the whole tree.