Weenie Wednesday: Aussie Pet Mobile Grooming

Conrad had an appointment last Wednesday with Aussie Pet Mobile North Austin for a bath and nail trim. I decided to try this, to see if it would be less stressful for Conrad than either me trying to trim his nails or taking him to Petsmart for a nail trim (both of which are also stressful for me).

He was a bit miffed but look at that cute little green bandanna!

We met his groomer outside in the driveway, and walked up to the mobile grooming van, which looked very clean and was air conditioned. Conrad was not enthusiastic about getting in the van, but he was all done with his appointment within thirty minutes. He came back to the house smelling so nice and with a little green bandanna on, which was completely adorable but he decided he did not want to wear it all day. His nails looked incredible, much better than they have in a long time. I booked another appointment for July. His groomer was so nice and she did such a great job, I am glad that I could book with her again.

Shiny coat, short nails, mildly disgruntled dachshund

For dogs that hate car travel or chaotic environments, this is an excellent option. It is, of course, more expensive than just having a nail trim at Petsmart or even an appointment with a brick-and-mortar groomer. Conrad weighs 17lbs and the cost was $80. But I get to pick the time, and Conrad is only inconvenienced for about a half hour. I also tipped the groomer on top of the fee because I appreciated the level of service that Conrad received. (I don’t know what dog groomers make when working for a franchise, but my guess is that tips are most welcome). I definitely prefer this to a brick-and-mortar groomer because typically I’d just have to leave Conrad there and pick him up later and he’d be stuck in a cage or kennel, possibly for hours. I have a hard enough time doing that for Conrad’s dental appointments.

Conrad’s nails still looking good after a week

Another great thing about Aussie is they don’t use kennels or cages, and they hand dry without heat. I told Conrad’s groomer that she could even skip the hand drying and just towel dry if Conrad seemed miffed at a hand-held dryer.

Yes. I know. My dog is spoiled.

Weenie Wednesday: Summer Routine

We probably should walk even earlier in the morning on the weekends than we do — it’s pretty baked-feeling by 9am here.

I am also a little sad — the park’s basketball and tennis courts will be accessible only with a key card soon, so I won’t be able to let Conrad run around on them (unless I get a key card, for which there is a fee of course). Whenever I have let him loose in one of the courts, there was NO ONE around. But I think the neighborhood wants to enforce the evening hours a little more strictly — it’s easy to hear people on the courts past the cut off time in the evenings, and I guess people have complained. The roller hockey rink will stay open, however …

Back to avoiding the heat and the bugs — Conrad is very sensitive to bug bites and he doesn’t even want to stay outside for very long in this bug-friendly weather. So we hang out inside, in our chair.

All Conrad has to do to get my attention is stare at me.

This could mean “take me out,” or “throw me a rope toy,” or “it’s time for bed, mommy.” I just ask which it is and he gets the most talkative when I hit on the right answer. He has been very vigilant lately about alerting me to any outside activity — from a car door closing to a neighbor mowing, he lets me know, and I have to reassure him that for one, he is a good guard dog, and two, he doesn’t need to keep barking.

I ordered him some duck liver treats today, so it’ll be interesting to see if he likes that flavor. He has tried the lamb and beef of the same brand and goes crazy for them.

Weenie Wednesday: Pampeano Dog Collar Review

Conrad got a new collar! Country and Stable has a great selection of dog collars (and matching belts, too), so I picked out the Pampeano Tornado Collar for him, in size XS.

The collar runs true to size, and fits Conrad perfectly. The leather is supple and the woven design looks so good on him — the dark blue really pops against his coat color.


The collar has a regular buckle closure plus a ring to hang name tags or proof of rabies vaccination, or to hook a leash to. Conrad being his tiny perfect self wears a harness so I don’t clip his leash to his collar, but on larger well-trained dogs it would be perfect for that.


I just love how this collar looks on him. It’s a great way to show a little of Conrad’s style without being overstated. I think I might need to pick up the matching belt for myself! (It IS my birthday, so … )

Weenie Wednesday: Oopsie?

Conrad had a bit of a rough week last week and through the weekend. A delivery guy knocked really loud on the front door, which startled Conrad, and though no one saw it, we think he maybe bonked himself somewhere somehow responding to the loud knock. He was very stiff the evening after this incident, although he was much less stiff the next day. He seemed recovered by Friday, but then he didn’t get much good sleep on Saturday, and he’s been a bit pokey in the mornings.

However, this morning, he seemed 100% himself. He is still quite itchy, and I am working on solutions for that. He ate his breakfast voraciously and chased down a Milkbone — he likes to pick them up and toss them and bat them around with his paws. Who knew Milbones could be so fun?

I think I might get him some pet stairs, too. He has step stools to get on furniture, but I think if I can teach him to use stairs it would be better than him jumping, even though he never has to jump high.

Weenie Wednesday: Integrity

I am slightly hijacking Conrad’s day to appreciate what Enviro Equine and Pet has done in response to one of their sponsored riders running cross country AGAIN on a horse with a bloody mouth. When Enviro Equine and Pet announced that they had ended their relationship with Marilyn Little, I thought my best chance of expressing appreciation would be to purchase products from them. The company responded quickly, with integrity — that shows me what animal welfare means to them. While it’s disturbing that I discovered this brand because of a horse welfare controversy, I am glad I did! Conrad will get to try their Healthy Hound Treats and their Fly Spray PLUS Wipes.

Hoping the wipes help with making him less itchy

To be honest, I am almost MORE disturbed by the tightness of RF Scandalous’s noseband during all three phases of the LRK3DE competition. And sadly, other nosebands looked too tight to me, too. While the literature is not voluminous, more and more studies are looking at how tack and equipment and how it’s used affect competition horses. (I am seeing more and more studies of horses and their behavior in general, which is very gratifying to me.) I’d like to highlight two recent studies, the results of which are both available for free online at PLOS ONE.

The Effect of Noseband Tightening on Horses’ Behavior, Eye Temperature, and Cardiac Responses

Noseband Use in Equestrian Sports – An International Study

They are about nosebands, as you can see. The findings will hopefully not only trigger more and larger studies, but will be noticed by governing bodies of horse sports and taken seriously.

You still get Conrad pictures, anyway!