Weenie Wednesday: He’s in Charge

Conrad may be my dog, but it’s more like I am his personal assistant. He pretty much picks which direction we go when we walk in the park. He always makes it clear when I forget the “cookie” topping to his meals. He also will curl up next to me in a poofy chair and take up 2/3 of it. Under a blanket. With one paw on me so I don’t get up.

He would probably like a longer leash on some days, but he hasn’t promised not to eat baby bunnies so he doesn’t have freedom in the back yard.

He will come tell me to come sit with him after I finish eating dinner. He will also look at the stairs and back at me and back at the stairs again to tell me it’s bedtime. Sometimes he goes up on his own, but more often he whines at me until I get up and go with him.

He is a very snuggly little guy who likes his routine!

Weenie Wednesday: Scrabble

Family Scrabble night usually means Conrad gets an ottoman pulled up to the table so he can hang out with everybody and is still within petting reach. Sometimes he gets other ideas …

Yes, that is a dog on the dining room table. We’re heathens.

He’s not a bad Scrabble partner, though. When you play Scrabble, do you ever spell foreign words and wish there was a multi-lingual version of the game?

My family also gives zeros effs about looking at each other’s tiles. We often show each other our pathetic or awkward or hilarious tiles and bask in the schadenfreude of each other’s lexical misfortunes. Do your dogs get in on game nights?

Weenie Wednesday

Finally, work has returned to the normal pace and I can look forward to taking time off! That means more pony time and A LOT more Conrad time. I think he’s been feeling a little put out at me leaving for hours every damn day to be at work.