Weenie Wednesday: One Less Tooth

My animals seem destined to one-up each other dentally. I do not recommend. Poor Conrad had to have a MOLAR extracted. And he had a small growth removed, too (which you may see a few stitches at the left corner of his mouth in the above picture). Conrad definitely had a tough couple of days... Continue Reading →

Weenie Wednesday: Fake Fall

So obviously the thing that falls off the scales of my work / life balance is this blog ... but here is a Conrad update! Yes, I know it is Tuesday. Anyway. He has fully recovered from the scorpion sting. He is enjoying cool mornings. We have fake fall here in Texas right now -... Continue Reading →

Weenie Wednesday: Survivor

Let me just say ... I HATE SCORPIONS. I would slice them all up into 8ths and set them on fire and douse them in sulfuric acid and hope their chitinous asses suffer for all eternity if I could. If they would even suffer. Poor Conrad. He got stung. Early Sunday morning as I was... Continue Reading →

Weenie Wednesday: House Shoes

Yes, it is Thursday, not Wednesday, but ... Birkenstocks had not been on my radar since high school. But I am not one to walk around barefoot anywhere, not even in my own house. I love my German old lady shoes but, um, apparently ... feet get wider as you age and also get a... Continue Reading →

Weenie Wednesday on a Saturday

Basically this is a post of Conrad pictures from over the last few months He has been doing well on his prescription diet! He did develop a mystery limp His xrays looked okay, though, so he got sent home with some medication and had to rest for a week Guest appearance by a friend's dog!... Continue Reading →

Weenie Wednesday

Oops I haven't posted in a month! Conrad has been on a prescription diet and doing very well on it. He has also been waiting for all of the downed branches to be hauled away so he can have his yard back.

6 Days in the 9th Circle

Remember how it already snowed 6 inches in my corner of central Texas back in January? Texas got wrung through the iciest wringer in the state's recent history (meaning since weather has been recorded here back in the late 19th century) starting with Valentine's Day. And then President's Day. And this extended through an entire... Continue Reading →

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