Weenie Wednesday: Oops, Forgot to Blog

Hey, man, sometimes there just aren't enough hours in a day, y'know? First, adorable dog is adorable.   Second ... Riding opportunities have been a bit spotty. While the new turnouts and quick-drying fields make riding and time outside possible at least some of the time during a 2-week-long rain event (in Texas, no less, … Continue reading Weenie Wednesday: Oops, Forgot to Blog

Cold Holidays, Warm Sweaters

Christmas, come back! I need more time off to recover from time off. Over the break from the M-F grind, I rode when the weather wasn't rotten, and for one ride it was rotten. I took Conrad out on walks, too, also when the weather wasn't rotten. Lots of damp and blustery days over the … Continue reading Cold Holidays, Warm Sweaters