The Reading List

Fortunately, work granted time off to the staff over the Easter weekend, so I suddenly had an unplanned 4-day weekend. It gave me more time to spend with Eli, time that allowed me to get him out of his stall more to walk and graze. I also shortened his mane and bathed him. But I... Continue Reading →

Holiday Reading List

Not so strangely enough, I am an avid reader. However, I do SO MUCH reading at work that pleasure reading has been winnowed down to reading half a page in bed before passing out and losing my place. But then I had SEVEN days off in a row! Don't worry, I still haven't finished anything... Continue Reading →

Weenie Wednesday: Oops, Forgot to Blog

Hey, man, sometimes there just aren't enough hours in a day, y'know? First, adorable dog is adorable.   Second ... Riding opportunities have been a bit spotty. While the new turnouts and quick-drying fields make riding and time outside possible at least some of the time during a 2-week-long rain event (in Texas, no less,... Continue Reading →

Horse Books

Amanda started a hop about horse books and what we have in our personal libraries. I realize that this isn't about horse fiction or poetry, or coffee table books, but I am including those anyway, mainly to demonstrate the slightly outdated and somewhat eclectic nature of my equestrian book collection. Although I am a librarian,... Continue Reading →

Rain Break

It does not rain in Texas in August, except maybe for a few days if there is a hurricane making landfall. Eli has done a whole lot of nothing this week. I couldn't even get to the barn on Tuesday after work because of how bad the weather was. This is truly the most bizarre... Continue Reading →

Holiday Weekend Recap

The weekend started on Friday afternoon when I left work early to meet up with Eli's massage therapist so he could get mushed on again. This time, the therapist started with the right side and got much further in his right hind area than she had last time, so that's progress! right stifle! from patentlybay... Continue Reading →

Cold Holidays, Warm Sweaters

Christmas, come back! I need more time off to recover from time off. Over the break from the M-F grind, I rode when the weather wasn't rotten, and for one ride it was rotten. I took Conrad out on walks, too, also when the weather wasn't rotten. Lots of damp and blustery days over the... Continue Reading →

A simple grid is not so simple!

A few weekends ago, I set up a simple grid with the help of my coach. I love grids! Done right, they build confidence and develop skills for horse and rider. I get great ideas and  exercises to build out of Linda Allen's 101Jumping Exercises for Horse & Rider. Eli can trail with his hind... Continue Reading →

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