Weenie Wednesday: One Less Tooth

My animals seem destined to one-up each other dentally. I do not recommend. Poor Conrad had to have a MOLAR extracted. And he had a small growth removed, too (which you may see a few stitches at the left corner of his mouth in the above picture).

Conrad definitely had a tough couple of days following the procedures but he seems to be peppier now and only has like a day of pain meds left, but still a few more days of antibiotics.

He has a check up on the 17th and I have not yet heard back from his vet about what the growth might have been. He had it for years but I think he scratched it or something because it started looking angry so it was best to remove it.

Because of the pain meds, he is moving a little slower than usual on our walks but does seem to enjoy himself. Christmas decorations are going up all around us, too, and of course Conrad has his own ornaments.

I have 8 days left of work until I have a lot of days off for the holidays and I am supper excited to have over a week off in one block of time! That almost never happens. Maybe I will get caught up on sleep?

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