Where Does the Time Go?

No, I’m serious! How do I lose track of time so easily? Is it aging? Why do I feel so pressured to do everything immediately? Someone please tell me the secret of taking back my time for myself.

Anyway. Eli has been doing relatively well. He developed a difficulty with chewing that required some more dental attention — a ramp that developed in the space of a month after his tooth extraction was cutting into his gums. Once we got that taken care of, he has been eating quite well again.

We have also had very mild weather, and even some very warm weather for the time of year. No complaints from me. I have only been able to ride sporadically due to … my lack of time management skills? I don’t think that’s quite it. For now, I am blaming the desk job schedule and the sun setting at like 5, but I am very much looking forward to some upcoming time off later this month.

Even with the warmer weather, Eli could use another body clip already. He has also had some off-and-on localized swelling on not one but two legs — the right front and the left hind. These seem to be from him whacking himself somehow and he does not appear to be lame to anyone who sees him move in turn out or under saddle. He doesn’t feel lame, but can come out of his stall stiff on colder days. So I try to manage the swelling with cold hosing and Sore No More and don’t ride for very long and walk a lot.

Something that kind of blindsided me earlier this month was an order from Chewy. I had been getting Eli’s Forage First GS from Chewy (an alternative to the Purina Outlast) but my last order of it was canceled and the Chewy website says the product may be discontinued … Eli doesn’t really eat the Outlast as well but I may have to give it another try, or try a different gastro pH balancing supplement if I can find one Eli will eat, which would be no small task. It could just be that Chewy no longer wants to carry the product, but they carry other ADM products … I can call around to feed stores again like I did before but I am not too hopeful. The Outlast is so popular and so readily available, though, so maybe Eli will eat it this time?

I have an eye appointment today which will keep me out of the saddle but I am sure Eli won’t mind some leisurely grazing and a little grooming. And cookies.

I also changed the blog look yet again, and I think I finally have it configured how I want it.

8 thoughts on “Where Does the Time Go?

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  1. I like the look of the blog reconfig and glad Eli is doing well. Chewys has my irk now too due to me buying a gift card they were supposed to match for a local rescue and then just cancellling the transaction with no reasoning.

    I hope you find something Eli will eat then! Also hope u figure out his leg issues.

    This weather is so odd, its 50s here today it was 70s yesterday with tstorms. By Friday it is going to be close to 80 again but high of 40 tomorrow/ WTAF Tennessee. My minis have so much hair they are sweating and laid out in the sun. But they will be happy they have that hair tomorrow.

    And time. Yeah it just flies by unless you are doing something you dont want to!

    Good luck with eyes!


    1. Thank you! Ugh, that’s sucks that Chewy did that to you. I was just sort of baffled that the product was in stock when I ordered and then suddenly not and they still have not credited me back the price on it … I am very grumpy about it.

      The weather here is the same! It was almost 80 yesterday and we just had a cold front this morning so it will probably stay in the 50s today. And then warming back up to the 80s by Thursday … why??? To reclip or not to reclip! I don’t even know.


  2. I like the new look. I didn’t have any luck finding the ADM product at feed stores so I’m back to outlast. Though the reason I switched to the ADM was the outlast was always out of stock at the feed store…


  3. I think Tribute has a new(er) outlast-type product? I don’t know if you can get tribute… Constant Comfort? I haven’t tried it, but I received a sample recently. Nay Nay wasn’t crazy about the outlast either (but it didn’t help him either so in the end I stopped feeding it).


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