Trust Sweet Iron Elliptical Dee Review

Only today did it occur to me that I have reviewed only one other bit on this blog, and it is Eli’s favorite bit, the HS Dynamic RS Sensogan Dee. I have tried a handful of other bits on Eli, with usually interesting results, as he is a sensitive kiddo so any change changes him. But none of them have been particularly noteworthy as far as desirable results go. Some have been, like, oh, huh, okay, that’s different, but not really what I am going for. I almost exclusively use double jointed bits, and usually go for a dee cheek, maybe a full cheek. I am not into textured mouthpieces at all, and have only put a leverage bit (a Beval) on Eli once or twice and was nooooooot into it. He also hates loose rings and overly fat mouthpieces.

I did notice that Eli seemed pretty comfortable in a Myler I picked up secondhand with dee cheeks (no hooks), a sweet iron mouthpiece and a center copper roller. I wasn’t so interested in the copper roller part, but the sweet iron is … well, sweet.

So I started looking at the sweet iron Trust bits because they have a huge selection. Not wanting to complicate what works, I choose the Trust sweet iron elliptical dee for Eli, and I ordered it from EquiZone. I know ordering from overseas is not for everyone, but I have placed a few orders with EquiZone and have had good experiences.

I wanted to give Eli enough chances to wear this bit so that I had a good idea of how he goes in it and how he responds to it before writing a review. He still goes in the Dynamic RS regularly, but I find myself reaching for this one more frequently. Eli’s mouth seems just a bit softer with this bit (he has a very soft mouth regardless unless you are asking for a halt from a walk, lol, don’t ask me why, I guess he likes to walk more than halt). He also mouths this bit and salivates a bit more actively, which is pretty much what you must want if you are using a sweet iron bit.

This is an extremely well-made bit and I expect it to last a lifetime or two – the craftmanship seems to be on par with Herm Sprenger bits, although the prices are a bit more attractive. It has a good weight to it, no icky exposed welds or anything like that, and the sweet iron treatment is aging as expected. Eli doesn’t wear it daily, but maybe about once a week right now. You can see the oxidation pretty well.

This bit will lose the blue color with more use. I only mention that because somewhere in some comment section on some social media platform, some person was actually complaining about a sweet iron bit losing the blue color and showing signs of rust. Lets all take a moment to collectively face palm here, yes?

One last thing to note is that these bits are sized metric. I ordered Eli a 125mm/12.5cm, which roughly (but not exactly) corresponds to a 5″ bit. And of course depending on the mouthpiece and bit material, that will in part dictate the appropriate size for the horse.

The Trust website also has a wealth of information about its bits and the materials used to create them, as well as offering bit advice if you need it. And when you order, at least when I did a while back, every bit came with a Trust-branded hand towel – terry on one side and velvety on the other. Who in the horse world doesn’t need a towel?

Any of you familiar with Trust bits won’t be surprised that I recommend this one. And I recommend exploring all Trust has to offer because their selection of bits seems endless. Eli is easy to bit, but I know other horses have more complex bitting needs and I would be surprised if you couldn’t find what you were looking for from Trust. This might be the first Trust bit I have purchased, but it will definitely not be my last. I’m eyeballing the sweet iron full cheek elliptical next …

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