Alfalfa Over Everything

Here is that Eli update I said I would post … over a week ago, whoops! So the last post about Eli (in late August!), we left him with a need for a tooth extraction. He got on antibiotics immediately (which I mixed with water and apple sauce and syringed into his mouth daily) and I made him a clinic appointment – the first available, which was toward the end of the week.

Spoiler alert: He recovered extremely well from the tooth extraction

So for the extraction, while it was possible the chipped tooth may have needed to come out, once the specialist (who did Eli’s previous extraction) got a look inside Eli’s mouth with highly specialized equipment (equine dental endoscope, I think? Odontoscope?), he felt that Eli’s very last tooth on the top left was the issue as the pulp was exposed (!!!ouch!!!). The tooth came out easily, and Eli was sent home with 5 days off and to continue his ulcer medications and the antibiotics. This was … a lot of medication to stuff into Eli’s mouth every day, and could not all be given together. Luckily, I have the world’s best barn manager and the barn grooms are excellent, so among the four of us, we got all of Eli’s meds in every day until they were gone. Eli actually tolerated it very well. Pretty sure he thinks of Gastrogard as a treat at this point.

This is when I discovered that if he is not actually hooked up to the crossties, he doesn’t try to bite me and he doesn’t grind his teeth while I am tacking him up. And of course he loves his water bucket.

So in addition to the actual treatment, Eli is now on a diet that will *hopefully* prevent ulcers. He gets 2 flakes of alfalfa twice a day, a flake of coastal twice a day (he’d get two but he’d never finish the coastal so he just gets one), a small amount Purina Senior 3 times a day, Platinum Performance GI and a liquid HA supplement at lunch, and Forage First GS (recommend by multiple vets of his) 3 times a day (and sometimes a 4th time after an evening ride). Forage First GS is a product that is similar to Purina Outlast, but it is less expensive and you don’t feed quite as much of it as a top dressing each meal as you do for the Outlast. Eli was very MEH about the Outlast, so I picked up a bag of Forage First GS (which I can order from Chewy, thankfully!) and Eli LOVES LOVES LOOOVES it. I noticed that it does smell better than Outlast. At least to me. Possibly to Eli? So anyway, think of it as a more economical alternative to Outlast. Especially in Eli’s case, considering he actually eats it.

This new diet has left Eli looking a bit chonky. We are both s t i l l out of shape, but I have been able to do a bit more with him under saddle and we EVEN trotted some very low FENCES which was EXTREMELY exciting. Most recently, it rained quite a bit here this week, so I have not been on him since … um, not sure … Sunday, maybe? He will have a lot of energy. We just got a cold front, too, so when I do hopefully get to ride him later today, he will probably be quite active in his gaits. To put it diplomatically.

One of the things I really want to get back to on this blog is product reviews. I have a handful of things that I think are very deserving of reviews: A Trust bit, a pair of Goode Rider breeches, a set of super inexpensive stirrup leathers that I got after the Total Saddle Fit stability leathers just absolutely did NOT work for me, and a Majyk Equipe girth that I have yet to even try on Eli because it took so long to get here (okay, not really that long, but it was well over a week, maybe almost two weeks, which seems very long to me). I probably have some other stuff, too, that I am just not remembering. Oh, and, I haven’t bought new stirrup irons yet. I almost miss the days of simple Fillis irons being pretty much the only option and they were less than $50 a set. But now the stirrup irons market is saturated with all kinds of options, some of which cost a small fortune, and to be honest I am just leaning toward the devil I know and getting the MDC-S hunter irons that don’t have the flex like my current pair. My ankles seem to hate the flex part now, and my feet generally do not do well with squishiness, and I am not super interested in lightweight irons. The wide tread is pretty much necessary for me but all that other stuff … meh. I can’t commit.

Going back to Eli’s alfalfa bod, I did get him a new sheet. He has this one in a 78, but he clearly needed the 81, so now he has it and it fits and I love it. It is not really a turnout sheet, but he wore his old one in turnout before I got him a proper turnout sheet, so I will probably have this one for him until it gets really cold and wet like in January. He has a medium weight turnout, too, that does fit. While I am tempted to get him the matching Kensington turnout blanket because I love the fit and the quality, I can’t really justify the purchase when he already has so many clothes that meet his blanketing needs.

Ugh, I have to clip him, too! He is slightly shaggy. Maybe I can put it off until November.

Eli finished the antibiotics for his tooth extraction/sinus infection some time ago and had a great checkup – he has not had the gross nasal drainage return. I do think he is experiencing some mild allergies occasionally, but he is not getting hives, so I don’t know that he will go back on the hydroxyzine just yet. He’s not a fan of eating it, and I would rather see him eating well more than anything.

4 thoughts on “Alfalfa Over Everything

  1. Glad that Eli is back on track. I hate the flexible stirrup irons. I have a set of wide treads on one saddle and I love it. I may switch them depending on the saddle I ride in.


    • I used to love the flexible ones, but I realize now that I was riding multiple horses a day when I adopted using them, and that saved my knees at the time but now my ankles and feet seem so very mad at the flexible part. It’s weird! The wide treads are great, though, for sure.


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