Weenie Wednesday: Survivor

Let me just say … I HATE SCORPIONS. I would slice them all up into 8ths and set them on fire and douse them in sulfuric acid and hope their chitinous asses suffer for all eternity if I could. If they would even suffer.

Poor Conrad. He got stung.

Early Sunday morning as I was harnessing him for his walk, he yelped and cried terribly. And then I saw a scorpion crawling away off the (darkly-colored and patterned) door mat onto the floor. Normally if Conrad sees a scorpion he backs up and barks at it, but neither of us saw this one camouflaged on the carpet. Needless to say the scorpion is dead.

I called the emergency vet clinic in my area and they said it happens a lot and the best thing to do is give benadryl at 1mg per pound of body weight. And that scorpion stings cause some dogs to cough a lot.

Well, Conrad did indeed start coughing. Incessantly. Like all day Sunday, full-body hacking, wheezy coughs. I called another vet clinic but they said the same thing. He was eating okay, so I kept him on benadryl Sunday and Monday. He coughed less on Monday.

He definitely seemed overcome with malaise when he wasn’t coughing, but he did improve. His groomer came to give him a bath & nail trim on Tuesday evening – I did warn her about the cough but she said he did well.

He looked a lot peppier after the grooming. He still has a coughing fit occassionally and he seems a bit depressed. He is usually very chatty with me but he has been quiet, perhaps because his throat hurts from all the coughing?

I do hope he keeps improving. He has been very tough and brave through all of this! Ugh. I really hate scorpions. Why do they even exist? Like what psycho dreamed that shit up?

9 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Survivor

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  1. Poor Conrad! I think scorpions are terrifying (likely since we don’t have them up here). You and Conrad are super brave! Glad he’s doing better, and I hope he’s 100% soon!


    1. No, we have plenty, they are still terrifying! You just kind of suck it up and get used to stepping on them … why I never go barefoot anywhere in Texas lol


  2. Glad to hear he’s on the mend. There have been lots of them at the barn lately. I thought they liked the dry weather but maybe they liked the rain?


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