How Many Girths is Too Many?

Eli does not know the answer to the post title question. And neither do I. But APPARENTLY Eli does not have enough girths. Let’s go over what girths he does have.

  1. The Professional’s Choice Merino Wool girth – by far Eli’s favorite. But not ideal for summer.
  2. The Professional’s Choice Ventech girth – Eli was loving this girth right up until a few days ago. So this girth is also not ideal for summer? Boo. He got a rub 😦
  3. Lettia Coolmax Clik girth – Eli kind of hated the fake fleece out of nowhere this spring & I hate the Clik buckles as they snap down rather painfully on my fingers when I am adjusting the girth from the ground. But this is the one I plan to use in the interim.
  4. Lettia Coolmax girth – see above, but without the Clik buckles. I like it. Will probably use this one in the interim, too.
  5. Lettia Memory Foam girth – this girth is weird, because it is hard as a rock if it is cold outside. Some times Eli has liked it, sometimes he has not. The elastic on the buckles is too stretchy, in my opinion. My saddle tends to slip from side to side a bit with this girth.
  6. Random fake fleece girth from Dover – um, not a fan. I should probably just accidentally on purpose lose this girth. The horse I had it for is long gone.

So things had been going very well with the Professional’s Choice Ventech girth right up until a few days ago, when Eli got a rub behind his elbow from it. I think we he is not so sweaty and his hair is not so fine, this girth probably still works, because he seemed otherwise comfortable in it. But for a Texas summer it is not working. He was pretty negative about the fake fleece on the Lettia Coolmax girths this spring, but he was also in the midst of ulcer treatment so maybe that will not be a problem now? I am skeptical.

So my next question to you, dear readers, is which girths do you like? I have a short list of contenders. Eli has strongly communicated to me in the past that leather is not an option.

  1. The Professional Choice Ventech Combo girth – This is my top contender. It has the vented neoprene but is bordered by the wool that Eli likes. I don’t think the rub he got was from the neoprene itself, but from the border seam of the girth/liner (based on where the rub is). Does anyone have any experience with this girth? It looks like the best option based on Eli’s preferences, price, and ease of care and use.
  2. The Equifit Essential schooling girth – I am still curious as to people’s experiences with this one. I like that the liners are swappable. I kind of wonder if I can buy the Prof Choice Combo liner alone, whether the wool is part of the liner or stitched to the girth webbing? I have not been able to find that as an option for the Prof Choice, so this is why the Equifit is still in contention. The reviews I have found, however, do not look promising.
  3. Majyk Equipe “Hi-Efficiency” Breathable Girth – this girth came out shortly after I bought the Professional’s Choice Ventech girth and I was like , oh, damn. Maybe I need THAT one. It’s neoprene free! I know, we all hate neoprene because it doesn’t breathe and yet it persists as a common material for sport horse tack. Does anybody have this girth? What are the border seams on the liner made out of? Is it soft and squishy and flexible? DOES ELI NEED IT???

Really, HELP. I don’t see Eli tolerating the Lettia girths again for very long. Are there other non-leather options I am missing that work for sensitive, thin-skinned TBs?

And on a completely different note, I have a few pairs of breeches I am selling because they do not fit right.

Trophy Hunters in black olive, 32R. Worn twice. Way too big for me everywhere but the waist. I just need to do some sit ups, I guess? Blog reader price of $75 shipped via usps priority, paypal or venmo.

Equine Couture Beatta full seat breeches in berry, 30. Actually fit like a 30. Maybe even a roomy 30 (weird for EC, I know). Again, too big for me. $25 shipped usps priority, paypal or venmo.

12 thoughts on “How Many Girths is Too Many?

  1. I feel like I’m also always trying to find the right girth, lol. I want a true 56″ and I prefer no leather and removable fleece but it’s a tough find evidently.

    I use the pro choice merino wool girth for shows actually and really like it. I’m afraid to try the ones with the grippy lining though. I use an HFP fleece girth for schooling currently but it’s just a plain cheap fleece girth and nothing special.

    I can’t remember if we are friends on facebook and no idea what size Eli is, but I have posted on there an Equifit schooling girth for sale. I have both the regular and the sheepswool liner for it. I actually really like it, but it’s too short! It’s a 56″ and measures 55″ and it’s causing a seam to hit my leg and drive me insane since the one side can only go up to the second hole. They don’t come in 58″ or I would have one!

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    • I did see you were selling an Equifit! Eli is solidly in the 50″-52″ range, though.

      The pro choice merino wool girth is hands down my favorite, and Eli’s. But it is not super appropriate for the summers here. I wish I could just buy liners separately for the pro choice girths but their website says replacement liners are not available.


  2. My horses all seem to be fine with the fake fleece girths. I have some of the lettia coolmax ones (non click) and then I also like the Tough-1 versions. I have some that the girth part is kind of rubbery and some that are the regular fabric ones. My horses don’t seem to notice any difference between any of them.
    Years ago at a show, the grooms used the pro choice girth on Jamp (the neoprene, not the wool) and he got a rub right away from it. So I’ve never been a fan of those personally. He wasn’t especially prone to rubs so it was surprising.

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    • Eli did okay with the fake fleece this evening. I generally don’t like neoprene, either, but he had been okay with it up until it basically got really hot and he sweat quite a bit. And if that means rubs we have to try something else!


  3. I just got a sternum relief girth. It is a big donut shape. I had no idea he needed it. He had a sore back and the saddle fitter checked his back and then his sternum and he reacted strongly to that and made a face at her. So the donut girth has made a big difference to him. Now his back is not reactive at all.

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  4. Ah, it must be the week for thinking about girths/cinches. I just published a product-review-post on The Backyard Horse Blog about my experience with the Shoulder Relief Cinch by Total Saddle Fit.

    Total Saddle Fit also makes English and Dressage girths so might be another option for you to check out if interested. I love how your attention to detail and your interest in Eli’s comfort comes through in your posts!


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