Weenie Wednesday: House Shoes

Yes, it is Thursday, not Wednesday, but …

Birkenstocks had not been on my radar since high school. But I am not one to walk around barefoot anywhere, not even in my own house. I love my German old lady shoes but, um, apparently … feet get wider as you age and also get a little longer, too. The Worishofers are 39s. I think I need 40s. And then I saw these silver, squishy sole birks … is the squishy sole a new thing? So these are my new house/wfh shoes. They *do* have that crazy arch just like they did in high school so they took two (non-consecutive) days to break in and my right foot especially is a bit angry. Ugh. Does anyone know a good source for Worishofers? I’ll stick it out with the birks because they have kind of molded to my feet but they don’t really rise to the level of comfort I experience in a pair of Worishofers.

So how do my house shoes tie into Conrad’s feature day? Because I take him on short walks in the house shoes. It’s funny — he walks right along, just like Eli. I guess Conrad is actually trotting. Or whatever you call this gait in a dog. A jog? A dog jog. Ok.

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