Rain or Shine

No matter the weather, I do try to get out to the barn every day. These days, something coming up at work is more likely to prevent me from seeing my horse than a rainy day. Even if the footing in the arenas is too wet to ride, I can still get on Eli and walk him around the property.

Eli has such an active walk, I figure some exercise for us both like this is better than nothing! But there are plenty of things to do at the barn when even riding is out of the question (like when it is raining or there is lightning in the area). Two of favorite things to do on a rainy day at the barn would be to give Eli a bath or to deep clean and condition my tack.

Eli is usually less excited about bath time than I am. One of my favorite shampoos right now is the Knotty Horse Apricot Oil stuff. It smells sooooooo delicious. I like the Vetrolin whitening shampoo, too, for Eli’s socks. Then I discovered that adding a little of Shapley’s Light Oil to the shampoo water is a great way to keep Eli’s coat from drying out.

Speaking of oil … cleaning tack on a rainy day may not sound like fun, but just the smell of Belvoir makes me happy. I’ve got four bridles for Eli at the barn and really only use one regularly. But I don’t like the others to just sit and collect dust, or worse, mold. Ew. The Belvoir conditioner soaks into the leather really nicely and doesn’t leave a weird residue like some other leather conditioners might.

So even on a rainy day, a trip to the barn is worth it to me. Although admittedly today I am hoping I will be able to ride after work. We have had so much rain for July here in Texas!

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