Re-Scope: Progress

Eli was re-scoped recently, and while he was at the vet clinic he also got his spring vaccinations, a Coggins, and I asked for front hoof xrays as it had been a  … while.

The scope? Ulcers about 50% improved. He is going to continue Gastrogard & misoprostol, and his vet added in sucralfate. He has also been on platinum Performance GI for a few weeks now and is eating well.

The front hoof xrays? Eli’s vet said they looked very good, and that is all I need to hear! His feet are balanced, and he has about 11mm of sole on each, which is about a 3mm improvement from the last images. I am thrilled!

I am also a proud pony momma because on Tuesday an instructor commented that Eli looked great under saddle as I was trotting around. Dare I hope to start riding this horse in the Sunday group lesson regularly? Maybe? He definitely seems more comfortable all around. I have tried a few Fager bits on him and really like one in particular for him for occasional use on the flat. I have also been riding him in the Back on Track Mathilda AP pad with his Sheepskin Thinline. He seems a bit happier in it than the Ogilvy stuff right now so I’m going with it. The left lead canter is still a bit testy, but when was it ever not if I am honest?

I have also managed to fit back into my Ego7s (!) as long as I wear super thin breeches and thin socks.

Which means I got to take my Salentos in for another minor repair plus a conditioning & polish. Not going to lie, I do miss my Salentos as the DeNiro footbed seems to be nearly a custom fit to my feet (even though they are not custom). My “tan” (they are so oraaaaange — I loff them) DeNiros do need full zip replacement on both, so I will have to send those off. Anyone have any experience with Pacific Saddlery? They are my first choice to ship my boots off for repair. They seem very organized based on the website, anyway.

AND Eli turned 18 on April 6! So happy birthday, Eli — now you can vote!

8 thoughts on “Re-Scope: Progress

  1. Happy belated, Eli! And happy progress for his feet lol. I might have missed it, but what are the gray wraps that you use? I saw them on IG and was curious. Do they help with cooling or something?


    • They are the Incrediwear wraps. You can use them like polo wraps, but also for “icing” – they can be wet and will reduce heat & swelling really, really well. Some kind of ion transfer tech fabric. They make stuff for people, too.


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