Incrediwear Circulation Standing Wraps Review

<Modeling the Incrediwear exercise bandages>

Let me just tell you how hooked I am on Incrediwear products — for horses AND humans now. This is another unsolicited review: I am actually just that impressed with this stuff that I am almost always going to recommend it now. I don’t know what I was even doing for Eli’s frequent dings before these things. Oh, no, wait, yes I do … lots of cold hosing, lots of clay poultice, lots of wrapping with quilts, and maybe once or twice even sweating a leg – although I have never been a fan of sweating concoctions as they seem a bit caustic to me and nobody likes messing with cling wrap in a barn.

<Goop-free therapy>

The Incrediwear Circulation Standing Wraps have gotten a lot of use for as long as I have had them because Eli never fails to whack and/or scrape himself in turn out. He frequently has had random cuts and swellings that require more than just a disinfection and application of antibacterial salve. And I even briefly used them in an experiment to see if they were thick enough to keep his right heel/shoe off his right elbow (and unfortunately the answer to that is no but it was worth a shot). Eli also has some hoof issues that benefit at least some from good circulation so both these standing wraps and the Incrediwear hoof socks assist with that.

<This therapy was that time when Eli did something to his left hind and the wraps were one of many things I threw at that. He has since fully recovered from that mystery (suspected hamstring) injury.>

Once again, if you are interested in the science behind the Incrediwear material, I encourage you to go to the website. This review is all about the practical application so I won’t get into the science — I am basically just observing whether these things reduce swelling and heat. And let me tell you: they reduce swelling and heat quickly, drastically, and sustainedly. (Is that a word? Is there a better word? I can’t think of it right now so you get an awkward word.)

<Yes, I do have a lot of pictures of Eli wearing these things because he wears them a lot.>

Okay, so, as I have said, Eli comes in from turn out with dings. After the left hind injury, he decided a slice on his left cannon was necessary (I think I mentioned it earlier in a post?), and then he decided to whack the left hind fetlock pretty hard and scrape the top of that pastern. This all resulted in some cold hosing and wrapping for a few days. Within one day of wrapping with the Incrediwear standing bandages, the swelling and heat in the fetlock were gone and never came back. I kept wrapping overnight for a few more days, but I am wondering if I even needed to? I did not limit his turn out in any way and he managed to stay ding free long enough for me to feel satisfied that that whole left hind minisaga was behind us. I kind of feel like these wraps are not just an excellent replacement for but a major improvement over a more traditional sweating bandage wrap. (Obviously in instances of new acute injury to your horse CALL A VET.) Honestly, with ceramic fiber products, I was always like … huh, well, they seem to be working … and they have evidence to support the benefits they are asserting … but I only ever noticed minor improvements with using the ceramic standing wraps and polos (although still love the mesh sheet). With Incrediwear wraps I notice a rapid and significant improvement in heat reduction and swelling that lasts. It’s almost shocking.

He has worn these a lot on his hinds, I swear, I just have almost no pictures of that and I don’t know why considering I take a thousand a week.

One other thing I’d like to mention about these wraps is their thickness and how they wear. They are thick. It doesn’t take much to get them snug around a horse’s leg, though, if you use the stretchier stable bandages. I don’t think I could use these wraps with flannel bandages, although I haven’t tested that. They can be left on all night without any kind of “breaking in” acclimation period that the ceramic fiber brands suggest, because this is not a ceramic fiber brand.  The technology is different and this goes the same for their human products. I have the fingerless gloves and they have helped my slightly arthritic hands a ton. I type a bit for work, and I handle books – some of which are stupid big – a lot for work and the Incrediwear (fingerless) gloves for people really diminish the achiness and fatigued feeling I get in my hands. I also get a slightly cool sensation from wearing them which boggles my mind but I guess that means they are working? Anyway, when wrapping with these bandages, make sure you’ve got the correct side of the fabric toward the leg. The outside is smoother, the side that goes against the leg is more textured and it seems a bit softer to me, like a soft sweater a little bit, maybe. (I am doing a poor job of describing it.)

So if you’ve a got horse that needs some help with reducing swelling and heat for whatever reason in any of their legs, I 1,000% percent recommend the Incrediwear standing wraps. They have been immensely beneficial to Eli over the past few months. Dear Incrediwear, please tell me saddle pads and quarter sheets are on the menu in the near future!

And one last unrelated thing — this bit is still for sale: 5 1/4″ Myler full cheek w/hooks & copper roller. Too big for Eli. Considering all reasonable offers.

So I am curious — have you had a good experience with new products or technology that has helped your horse, or you as a rider, way more than you expected?

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  1. I’m so fascinated by these and have nearly bought them like 438 times. My horses come in from turnout with dings and cuts and scrapes ALL the time, but (knock on all the wood for ever and ever) seldom have swelling. Do I still need them?! Also, I need a wrapping mentor. I grew up with a cowboy and did 4-H. The only time I ever wrapped legs was for shipping and even then my Dad made fun of me……..Should I wrap more? Am I a bad horse mother? LOL!

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    1. Lol no you’re not a bad horse mom! Eli inevitably has swelling with literally every cut (and bruise probably but can’t see those under hair) that he gets. But I have had other horses that I only ever had to wrap once or twice in their lifetime. It just depends on the horse and what their job is. Eli’s job is easy so he doesn’t need it for that; he just swells up easily!

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      1. Oh good. I feel like less of a schmuck! Coco does sometimes have swelling, but hers is always in someplace that is impossible to wrap. Like her eye. Or gaskin. Or last year her weird side worm and having been covered in hives at least 3 times. HORSES!!!!
        I still may buy these, they seem like they might be good to have in the tack trunk when I’m out of state on foxhunting trips….


        1. Omg hives are THE WORST. Eli has also had random swelling in areas that are unwrappable (like right behind his poll, no idea what he did). Horses will find a way to injure themselves in ways that are very difficult to treat no matter what we do.


          1. The hives were bizarre. We have lived at our place for 15 years and I’ve never had a horse get hives before. Coco got them all over her body at least twice and Jaguar got them REALLY bad one time. We have a neighbor who makes very questionable decisions regarding land management and she’s been letting tree trimming companies dump their chipped wood in piles ALL over her property “to improve the soil”. I think they brought something in that caused my horses’ reactions. And now I keep a bottle of dex around, just in case….ugh.


  2. This is really interesting- I love unsolicited reviews and this one is really helpful! I’ve never heard of these before so I’m having a look now! Do you have a set of 4, or just 2? (I noticed they are $$$)

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    1. I have just one set — they are definitely more expensive than regular wraps or the ceramic fiber wraps but have been worth it for me so far just because of the way my horse is with swelling up so easily. I see it as saving on poultice and sweat concoctions. Not as messy, either.

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  3. I wore the human socks after my ankle surgery. It was hard to say if they helped or not since I had no control to compare to. But I’m inclined to think they did, they were def better than regular ugly compression socks anyway.

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  4. I haven’t tried these yet, but definitely drank the BOT Kool Aid. I feel 1000% better after wearing their clothes, so I imagine my horses must too! I don’t love their wraps though, so maybe I’ll think about getting a set of these. Thanks for the review!


    1. The BoT mesh sheet is still amazing! I have BoT shirts and socks for me, too. I drink multiple flavors of kool aid … I do like these a lot better than the BoT Quickwraps, though.


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