New Year, New Girth, New Trunk

Resolutions are not my thing. But I am constantly hitting the refresh button on various aspects of my life. While 2021 just feels like an extension of the endlessly jacked up timeline know as The Ides of March MMXX, it hasn’t stopped me from extensively weeding my closet, getting a new tack trunk, and tracking a few of my health markers with a fitness wearable.

Don’t worry, Eli gets a few new things himself for 2021. First off, without trying to even explain the situation, Eli has a new farrier. The first setting with the new farrier marked a significant improvement to Eli’s hooves, and I can feel it in his gaits. I’m not holding my breath but so far, so good.

Secondly, for whatever reason, the synthetic fleece girths that were initially Eli’s preference, and that he has worn for YEARS, are suddenly VERY OFFENSIVE to the point of Eli trying to bite his girth off while I am on him! He is, if nothing else, a very effective communicator.

I do have a Professional’s Choice wool girth that Eli does not protest, so he still wears that one. And during winter, that’s fine. But a wool girth in the summer in Texas? You can imagine my point well enough. I had been considering the Equifit schooling girth but couldn’t really find any reviews that talked about how the sizing runs. Additionally, the wider center part of the girth might be kind of weird with a martingale. So I returned to Professional’s Choice and ordered the vented neoprene one, just kind of hoping Eli would be comfortable in it.

Definitely got to love the “Made in U.S.A.” So I tacked up Eli with this girth.

Not once did Eli try to bite at the girth. He had no reaction to it at all, really. I’ve been riding him in it since. So at least one Ridiculously Sensitive Thoroughbred approves unreservedly of this girth. 10/10 recommend.

And on to the tack trunk … my wood trunk, made in 1997, needs HELP, so it is now in my garage awaiting its revision/restoration/refurbishment. I liked the idea of these big tool chest trunks, the 50-60 gallon kind with wheels and a handle. I also like the idea of spending $90 instead of $900+ that a wood or vinyl/metal trunk would cost. The Stanley ones seemed to be out of stock in my area, but my local Home Depot had Dewalt ones in stock so that’s what I got.

I had to rearrange how I store stuff in my trunk and locker. My groom box now lives in my locker (plenty of space for it since my tack locker refresh project) and without a tack trunk tray, I nabbed a few of my unused leather pouches and small bags from home for storing all the weird little contraptions and junk that had been in the tray, things like rein stops, hairnets, double-end snaps, gloves, etc. It is also now much easier to get to the clay poultice and hoof packing.

I have made it out to the barn almost every day this month, although I have only ridden Eli a handful of times due to weather. No surprise for January in Texas.

With all this new stuff that makes Eli more comfortable and makes me feel more organized, 2021 is okay so far in my tiny little personal corner of the world. Hopefully we can all only go up from here.

8 thoughts on “New Year, New Girth, New Trunk

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  1. Remind Eli he is fortunate that his person is willing to listen to him and find tack that works for him. He probably knows already not all horses are that lucky. Glad you didn’t have to buy multiple girths trying to find just the right one. Looks good on him too!


  2. I like the look of the girth for warmer weather Do you know if they do a dressage girth version. I have a sheepskin cover on Biasini’s girth at the moment as he is clipped but it will not do for our hotter weather.


    1. I think Professional’s Choice does make dressage girths with the vented neoprene. The other handy thing is on this girth at least (not sure about the dressage ones) is that the neoprene is velcro’ed to the girth – so you can take it off for easier cleaning.

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      1. Ah! I shall take a look for one at the tack stores here. Online will have to do as stores , other than essentials like groceries or pharmacies are closed due to our lockdown. But I like online shopping anyway.Thanks


        1. I think Riding Warehouse online carries them. I got this one from Schneider’s online and they carry dressage girths, too. I didn’t experience any shipping delays with Schneider’s, which was nice.

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  3. I have the smartpak knock-off of that girth. Love it. Easy to rinse the sweat off and I just replaced the first one I bought (when I got Cosmo in 2014) sometime in 2019. I’m sure the pro-choice will last just as long.


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