The Injury of the Week Club

Eli seems to enjoy a life of leisure. Basically since Thanksgiving, I have only ridden him a handful of times.

And the majority of the handful of rides? Pretty much just walking.

Walking … in the dark. So also spooking. He has a lot of energy. He expends some if it in turnout, but …

He has also managed to bang himself up while expending that energy every few days or so. His Incrediwear stable bandages are getting a lot of use.

So in the past two weeks, he did *something* to his left hind, up high. He visibly limped at the walk and turned on three legs instead of four … ultimately I think he just strained his hamstring but it took days of strategically applied DMSO and long walks under saddle to sort that out.

So THEN, he decides after managing one ride with some trotting under saddle, his left hind just wasn’t messed up enough so he sliced it. Fortunately the slice seems to be shallow. So that earned him a bit of disinfecting and cold hosing and wrapping again.

Not two days later, he managed another ding on the left hind, this time with a little swelling and heat. More tack walking to get the swelling down, more disinfecting, more wrapping.

He gets hours of turnout pretty much every day. I expect dings. Just … not so many so close together!

8 thoughts on “The Injury of the Week Club

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  1. Oh Eli! You have to behave yourself. Biasini came in with a miniscule puncture wound on his left front a few weeks back. He was never unsound. But it took a good two weeks of bandaging, Furazone sweating, DMSO and wrapping to get the swelling completely down. And… I got the vet out to ultrasound it after 10 days as I wanted to make sure I was not dealing with a tendon injury. HORSES!!!

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    1. Biasini! He’s got to behave himself, too! I did call the vet (after hours, poor vet) about the high LH/hamstring injury as I was losing my mind. Eli does seem to have recovered with no more heat or swelling, so I will see how he feels under saddle Saturday. Horses really like to give us heart attacks!

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  2. My, that is a lot to deal with as a horse owner. Where is that full-body bubble wrap when our horses need it . . .


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