The Hunter Clip

I prefer a full body clip over other styles, but I put Eli’s needs first. And he needs those legs to be fuzzy. And he needs a back patch for the saddle.

I don’t think he needs a hairy face, necessarily, but clipping over his face dent does freak me out a little so he gets to keep his face hair this winter.

Eli is very amenable to clipping. He is okay with me clipping his legs and I have in the past. But he also bangs his legs up in turnout. My hope is that if I leave the thick hair, it’ll offer some protection from smaller scrapes and dings.

I realize that a traditional hunter clip would mean clipping a smaller, contured patch for the saddle and clipping all of his head. My back dictated skipping the extra time on a step stool.

Eli looks okay to me! And he is now much less itchy. Body clipping is practically a necessity here in Texas. It maybe be almost November, but it’s getting up to 90° every afternoon this week. Could you imagine living outside in a fur coat in 90°? No thanks! Eli also dries so much faster now, too, if he needs a rinse after a ride. In this climate, I really can’t think of why you wouldn’t clip!

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  1. Eli must feel so good now! I just clipped Cosmo for the second time last weekend. It’s been hot here and he grows so much early coat. We do a full body minus most of his face. I clip his throat and cheeks but he starts to get unhappy beyond. I don’t blame him, it must be weird for him with the vibrations on his bad side. Since he was going to a show last week, I did try to clip as much of his face as I could without a lip chain and actually got a lot more than I expected (from his left eye to his ear is still hairy). On top of his weird nerves, he also has a very bony, with ridges and dips, face and it’s just hard to clip. I’ll get at least one more, if not 2 clips in this year and I’ll probably just skip his face for those.


    1. Cosmo does have an excellent reason to feel weirded out by having his face clipped. Plus face clipping is really hard with all the contours. I’ll probably have to clip Eli again before the spring, too.


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