Where Are We?

I ran across an interesting phrase just this morning: “last days of the old ways,” from a GQ list of the best restaurants of 2020. Talk about a time capsule (so worth reading for perspective if nothing else — like, remember how affected dining out had become?). But it struck me because we are never going back to the world as it was before COVID-19. “The old ways” will be tinged with new adaptations of existing in public spaces, hopefully with a good dose of charity and kindness. Adaptation that I personally have no problem with, honestly, mysophobe and agoraphobe that I am. Eating out is fun and everything, but I am just as happy staying in.

As horse people, while many of us have had to change routines, or suspend them entirely, we -most of us- will get to come back to horses. Barns in my area have had varying degrees of openness or closedness, and I have been lucky enough to continue my daily treks to where I board Eli to ride, or just let him graze, or groom him until he rolls his eyes at me. We passed the ownership milestone of May 1, the day I bought him in 2014, with little notice from him, as Eli is most definitely the one who owns me, and that started before May 1, 2014 for sure.

the face of one who knows how to manipulate me

The horse world at large is looking at attempting to get back to showing. What changes will we see? Hand sanitizer at all the in-gates? Limited or no concessions? Ticketed schooling at EVERY show, not just the big A shows? Will we even have to answer these questions? The idea of certainty is a tenuous one in this post-old ways-existence. I am not about to craft an editorial on how or why we can live alongside a newfound pathogen and still keep capitalism, leisure time, and the service industries alive.

Rather I’ll just give y’all an Eli update: he is out of pads in front, he got his bone juice, and he has energy to burn. He feels pretty good under saddle, but he is out of shape. As am I. So we are not doing a whole lot yet, just building on the ride before and looking forward to doing a little more the next ride. I trotted him over a crossrail a few times the other day and there was much excitement in the first few steps after the fence in the form of tiny little dolphin leaps and head tossing. Seems like classic Eli to me!

Getting the trot squared away is relatively easy for me. I am a less coordinated rider at the canter, and that’s the gait of Eli’s that needs the most work. Due to his veterinary history, I am not going to attempt to accomplish this on a longe line, so getting it done under saddle will be a slooooooowwww process. The formula: A few decent steps? Reward with a walk. Add more decent steps next time. Next time could be 2 minutes later or the next day, it doesn’t really matter. The rewarding is the important part, as Eli is very sensitive and responsive to that kind of thing.

So that’s where we are, “we” being me and Eli. It has been such a protracted process, bring him back into work after his suspensory injury. It’s been about a year since he did that, and I think we are now on the right path with that and his front feet, too. For the time being, the main goal is to get Eli back into shape, to a reasonable level of fitness for a low-level, local show horse. If we can get there, then I’ll consider doing more, but it’s also okay with me if we never get there. Horses are perhaps the best teachers of adaptation, moreso than even a viral pandemic. At least, for some things. Horses teach you what you can control, and what you can’t, and what you have to let go. (Pride … the inside rein …)

In a completely unrelated, frivolous aside, this Chardonnay is really good:

I now have two favorite Bourgogne wines. This one and that cremant de Bourgogne brut rosé that I can’t stop drinking.

Oh, lors, speaking of the old ways. I had gone to the grocery store to pick up a few things, including some beer. There are always very helpful, dutifully face-masked employees in the wine and beer section at HEB, and as I trundled down the refrigerated aisle of beer, an employee asked me if I needed any help finding something. I said, yes, I am looking for the Guinness four pack of cans with the nitro ball … ? The guy said, yes, right down here, in the import section which is sadly smaller than it used to be … and he handed me the four pack and left me wondering if there were any good domestic nitro ball options. Nothing like a slow burn apocalypse to make me question my casual consumerism. Vive la nouvelle façon, I guess?



4 thoughts on “Where Are We?

  1. is that chardonney very oaky (asking for a friend aka me ) Ha I love a good chard but I cannot stand if it is really oak tasting as it gives me the worst headache even with just one glass.

    UGH life as it used to be. Good thing I wasnt showing the last couple years anyway. I went and toodled on Remus yesterday afternoon (i had a shit morning at work and needed to get AWAY) and we didnt do much but I was the only one riding and almost the only person there. Which was nice but I miss chatting to people. I think I am like you I am fine without dining out etc but I do like me some talking hahahahha

    and I miss HEB SO MUCH. Kroger not the same here. 😦
    I am glad Eli is doing so well!! That is great news. And that you have been able to ride all thru this. I have ridden the last couple weeks so back at it again albeit a private lesson each week pretty much.


    • This chardonnay is very oaky (which is my personal preference in chardonnays).

      omg no Kroger is so not the same as HEB. I had been wondering lately if HEB would expand more outside of TX but the whole apocalypse situation probably means nope.

      I am very glad that you are getting to ride Remus!

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  2. Definitely strange times we’re living in. As for horse shows, it’s been so long for me. I was SO looking forward to getting back out there this year, but then both horses got hurt, so I guess it doesn’t bother me so much that no one else is showing either… Wow that makes me a mean person. Honest though!
    Glad Eli is feeling good! I’m really happy you are getting to enjoy this slow time with him. Happy anniversary to you and Eli!


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