A Taste of Summer

I have no real excuse for completely missing out on posting anything last week. But don’t fret, Eli and Conrad are doing fine! Last week was just weird all around with unseasonably cold and wet weather and oh yeah, the whole pandemic thing is really altering our collective reality, huh? I never thought I would be so invested in making fashionable face-coverings decisions. Anyway. Eli got his vaccinations and some bone juice, and it is FINALLY warm enough to satisfy his delicate constitution.

he of many faces

I had a very enjoyable ride on him on Sunday. I don’t usually ride on Mondays, but I think I will today because it’s warm and rain is in the forecast again starting on Wednesday.

I do kind of like orange with dark green …

State and local governments here are considering a gradual return to business as usual. I am not sure how I feel about that. Although my own lifestyle has not changed much, I do recognize there are people out there who really would like to get back to work and I can’t blame them. I have been so very lucky to have access to my horse. I know not everyone has that luxury right now (on top of the luxury of paying for a horse) and I am not sure how well I would be doing mentally if I couldn’t get in some daily pony time.

I wouldn’t necessarily need the saddle time, just interaction with Eli usually brightens my mood. Even if he is being a grump. That’s like half his charm! Riding is my only exercise, though, so getting in the saddle is a benefit. And even if all we are doing is walking and trotting and strolling around in the wildflowers, I still like to wear bright colors to improve my mood. I do miss having my black DeNiros in the rotation because a snap need replacing. As far as I know, the shoe repair shops around here are still open, but I have been hesitant to go to even the essential businesses. Again, I am lucky to have such a choice.

I REALLY need to shampoo his mane

I did something over the weekend that had more of a benefit that I thought it would — I avoided national news. That significantly improved my outlook, even if only temporarily! I suggest everyone try it, if possible, even if only for a day or two.


6 thoughts on “A Taste of Summer

  1. I am missing being able to see Biasini and to ride but I just want this CV19 thing to be done with and I think the lockdown is the only way to have that happen. And I am well and my life is just fine as my husband and I got out for walks on the trails near our house. And the break from the news! Brilliant idea. I will try that.

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    • I agree that the lockdown/shelter in place/stay at home is going to be the most effective strategy to get the virus under control. I am a little worried that they are already lifting pieces of it in Texas.

      I am glad you and your husband are able to get outside for walks!


  2. I’ve been doing the same on the weekends! I’ll watch the local news at 11 and that’s it on the weekend. It makes life a little easier to swallow right now.
    Glad you’re spending time with Eli, and I hope your state opens slowly and carefully. I’m so afraid of things opening too quickly and having to start all over again.

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    • I had no idea how well avoiding the national news over the weekend would work for my outlook and it made a HUGE difference. I am going to try to keep it up.

      Ugh, yeah, Texas is already lifting some restrictions but they are doing it slowly, and no more in-person school for the 2019-2020 school year should help.


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