Weenie Wednesday: WFH (yes i know it is thursday)

this is my new coworker
he goes on 15 minutes breaks A LOT
I get to work and he’s still in bed
he has pretty good fashion sense, though
judging, or … ? judging.

As it turns out, I do not actually work from home every day. I do some “essential” things at my job (they actually really are) so I still go in 3 mornings a week to handle that stuff. Do you even understand how delightfully creepy ~1,000,000 sq ft of almost empty can be? I still see DPS officers, a few Preservation Board workers, and the vehicles of some super-high-ups’ staff are on the drive periodically, but that’s it. I LOVE IT. Can we keep the 6′ apart rule after all this wraps up? Not that it will ever wrap up — it’s a virus. We’ll have a vaccine eventually but it’s going to end up endemic like the flu viruses. 

The working from home is the biggest difference all of this stay-at-home has made in my life. And I am not complaining. My new coworker has some strange habits, but he doesn’t talk so that is most definitely a plus. 

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  1. I don’t know if my comment submitted or not……but just in case, here it is again!

    It’s nice to see that your coworker is still taking the time to look presentable for work. Mine are still wearing the same thing they slept in the past 2 years.


  2. I’m enjoying the work from as well. I’d be cool if we kept the 6′ rule too!
    I hope they find some treatment and a vaccine at least. This thing just seems so scary the way it can attack just about anyone so seriously. I know it MOSTLY older or compromised, but there are stories of young healthy people too.


  3. So Mark still goes in and the traffic is ALMOST as bad as before. SO you know right there something is wrong!! UGH. And of course everyone is essential in his building. they had a meeting the other day for 10 people and Mark was like ummm can we skype instead. IDIOTS. UGH

    But I am amazed even if I venture out how many people are still on the road (I mean I go out to pick up groceries or go to post office if needed) UGH

    PS my coworkers are lazy too!! BUT for some reason they love to wake up and bark at UPS or FEDEX just when i get on a conf call 🙂 HA


    1. That is so crazy about the traffic!!! There is not much traffic in Austin and when I do go into work, there are not very many people there.

      Conrad keeps insisting that I be done working at 4:30 lol. Too bad he’s not my boss.

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