Weenie Wednesday: All Good

Conrad is tired of having to wear sweaters on our walks! He  is always all for it in the beginning of winter, but then I think he just wants it to be warm again after a few months.

His vet called last Thursday, and the little growth she aspirated has no malignancy, so that’s good! So now I get to decide if it should be removed anyway, because there were some fatty cells. It seems like it is getting smaller since it was aspirated, though, so I haven’t decided yet.

Work has been a bit bazonkers lately! I am hoping it slows down of the summer at least for a little while, but that’s not looking likely. If this is the new normal for me at work, I am going to need more coffee. I’d rather just hang out with Conrad or Eli.


5 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: All Good

  1. ugh Conrad I feel ya. 28 this am. Gretchen hasn’t been naked in months (She gets very chilled very easily #olddog And i am freezing too. I cant get enough sweaters on.

    Conrad is still the cutest though 🙂 love all his sweaters 🙂

    Hope your work calms down soon. Mine too is bonkers. Must be something in the water 😉


  2. I’m glad that it didn’t turn out to be anything serious. My little terrier had cysts a lot and a warm compress really helped them go away since it was like a pimple.


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