Weekend Rides Like Spring

tongue out every day

In contrast to the cold rain of today, this past weekend was spring-like, warm, just sunny enough … for sure the kind of weather that Eli likes to work in. Okay, Saturday was on the chilly and misty side, and Eli was a bit of a goob for it, but on Sunday and then again on Monday our rides were quite pleasant.

sorry about the smear on the lens

I did notice on Tuesday evening that he had a little bit of swelling around the fetlock of his right hind. This … is not good. Although I can’t feel any heat in it. Perhaps the rainy weather forcing time off work for Eli is a good thing? I’m keeping an eye on it, wondering if another ultrasound might be a good idea. Or maybe I’ll just give him a few weeks off and ice the fetlock daily and see if the swelling resolves.

forever working/failing on lifting the poll

Eli was going to get shoes on Tuesday, but that got postponed until tomorrow. And again, with how rainy it is, it doesn’t really matter. His feet seem to be in really good shape. I wonder if I can credit that to the alfalfa, too?

From tshirt weather on Sunday to puffy coat weather today

Eli also got some new fluffy Eskadron fetlock boots. I should probably clear out my fetlock boot collection next and sell some of the ones that Eli rooster-walk-hates! I am keeping all the Eskadron ones, though.


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