Spring Picks

Eli hates cold weather

We have experienced a spate of good weather here in central Texas, although we have a cold front coming through that will put us back in the middle of winter. So before that happens, while I am enjoying the warmer weather, I thought I’d share things on my radar for this spring.

Horze Tara Breeches

The first thing is these Horze Tara breeches. They are high-waisted and they are back in stock — even in some punchy, Easter egg colors. I am torn between the light blue and the black! They’d be my first experience with Horze breeches, so we’ll see what happens!

Stable Snax

The next thing is absolutely all for Eli. I mostly feed him apples and softer treats like the German Horse Muffins, since he seems to have teeth issues. But he loves these flax seed Stable Snax! He never got too greedy about the minty flavor, but he vacuums these out of my hand almost as quickly as the German Horse Muffins. They seem to be picky-eater approved.

Majesty’s Kalm+ Wafers

This next thing — while it is in cookie form, it is a supplement. I switched Eli from the Finish Line stuff over to these, as they offer a higher dose of magnesium. Do I think these calm Eli down? No, not at all. But, they do seem to make him less jittery, if that makes any kind of sense. He’ll be feeling good in this good weather instead of crabby. He still has all his energy, he’s just a little less tightly-wound on magnesium (which I think might be true for quite a few horses). Majesty’s other cookie supplements are definitely worth looking at, and they have stuff for dogs, too!

Wahl KM10 Clippers

The last key ingredient to spring survival in Texas (that’s isn’t Benadryl) is a good set of clippers. I have clipped Eli a few times with the Wahl KM10 clippers and I can’t recommend them enough. Amazon seems to have a $30-off coupon right now on these, too (if you wanna click through the link). We all know how sensitive and quirky Eli is, but he doesn’t mind these clippers at all. When I was clipping his neck and chest especially, he’s start licking his chops and falling halfway asleep. This was not the case for his flanks, but we can’t have everything, can we? These clippers are lightweight, quiet, and with the right blades they are excellent for a full body clip or just show touch ups and everything in between.

How do you get you and your horses ready for spring where you are?

2 thoughts on “Spring Picks

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  1. I like Horze breeches, but haven’t tried that particular style. I’m sure you’ll like them!
    I used to feed those flax treats too, they smell SO GOOD! (They do not taste like they smell however.) For some reason Rio decided he didn’t like them anymore awhile back so I stopped getting them. But since he’s not around anymore, maybe we’ll put them back in rotation. Flax is so good for them!
    Agree on the magnesium. I have Shiny on it and it definitely makes her less mare-ish.
    I have the cordless version of those clippers, but haven’t really tested them yet. I do like how quiet they are!


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