Weenie Wednesday

Conrad is just about over wearing sweaters. He’s all for it in November, but around February, which it almost is, he’s really fussy and meh about me trying to get a sweater on him. Put he has such short hair and almost no hair on his belly so if he wants to be outside for longer than a minute, he has to wear one when it’s cold (or he starts shivering and sits down to insist I now must carry him).


He’s even funnier if it’s raining outside. No, he DOES NOT want to go outside when he can hear the rain on the roof!

4 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday

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  1. Conrad!! So cute. So snuggly….Gretchen loves her sweaters and coats, Ollie tolerates them and Bernie removes hers….so I have all kinds of dogs 🙂 I am so tired of damp and cold. My feet are always cold lately mostly because it is so damp! Conrad Spring is coming…sometime…:) PS My dogs hate rain too. Again Gretchen is a Conrad no want to go out, Ollie does if he has to and Bernie is like what rain?? LOL


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