Elbow Dandruff

He is kind of itchy everywhere right now.

If something is wrong with Eli, chances are it’s wrong on the right side of his body. Face, hoof, suspensory … elbow dandruff. (And his big ugly frankenscar on his neck is on the right.) Yes, he even has elbow dandruff *just* on his right elbow. Oh … k.

Treating elbow dandruff in the winter is a bit of a challenge because I am reluctant to use a medicated shampoo on it when it’s 40F outside.

However, when I can, I use the Banixx Medicated Shampoo and follow up with Zephyr’s Garden Skin Rescue Salve. In the warmer months, this seems to work out great, and I can keep Eli’s right elbow from getting too flaky.

I think this is called something else now.

But perhaps there are more winter-friendly solutions … does anyone know of any? How do I keep away this gross elbow dandruff without shampooing it all the time?

4 thoughts on “Elbow Dandruff

  1. What about Coat Defense powder/mud? The mud curries/crumbles off pretty easily after it dries. The powder is great for drying up sweat after you ride too.

    I put some Skin Rescue Salve on my lease horse, Ernie, a couple days ago and he ended up with swollen lumps wherever I put it! The ingredient list seems tame and I’ve used it on several horses before with no issue but I felt so bad, especially since some spots were under my saddle.


    • I have been curious about the Coat Defense mud but was a little hesitant at the price. Probably worth a try!

      Awww, poor Ernie! I do use that stuff on other areas of Eli without issue, but you never know what a horse might be randomly allergic to!


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