Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Stuff. Maybe.

No, really, he *is* 16, not 2.

It’s not that I am deliberately not blogging. But I’m not trying to write much, either. It’s winter in Texas, which means wet, which means a lot less riding. Pretty much all last week was too wet and gross to ride. There was one day where it rained all day, which is very unusual for Texas. The arenas suffered accordingly. So I didn’t have much to say.

But if nothing else, I have learned something about Eli. He can go a week without work, but as long as it’s a warm and at least partly sunny day, he’s perfectly fine under saddle. I’m not going to say a gentleman, because he’s a little to free with his opinions, but it’s a big change from, say, Eli of 2013 (before I owned him but was riding him a lot). Instead of trying to explain what I get to work with, I’ll just post the entire ride here … (it’s only like 17 minutes … check out 12:14-ish for Eli’s signature embellishment, which I think is adorable)

We’re hardly presentable, but with a few days of good weather and rides like this, I think we’d look a lot better. It’s so interesting to me to compare this horse of today with the one of a few years ago. I also think he looks pretty sound, which is always a relief at this point. Although I didn’t canter him much or ride for quite as long as usual because the footing needed a drag after baking in the sun all day. But I will take any and every ride I can get on him, even the short ones.

looking tiny in turnout time

Hopefully we have some jumps in our future, too!

3 thoughts on “Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Stuff. Maybe.

  1. so glad he is doing well and that photo at the top needs framing where he is holding your hood 🙂 so cute. And it has been so wet here too. UGH…today the sun is out and i am not sure how to act AND OF COURSE IT WOULD COME OUT during the week when I am working, right?? HA.

    The footing at the barn ring is great but Remus is not a fan if it is truly wet and even though good footing I don’t like cantering him too much in it. Even solid footing when wet can get slippery. So good plans and all for you!!

    And omg god his little porpoise and twist of head. SO CUTE 🙂


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