Keep a Metaphorical Eye On It

I have an update for Eli’s tooth situation. Remember how a small chunk of tooth fell out of his mouth in front of my very eyes, as he was eating an apple slice?

The vet examined him. It looks like the tooth chunk came off the side on the inside of a top tooth. And also he is missing a small chunk of another tooth, but that looked older. I could see where the vet was pointing to, while Eli was actually a mildly sedated superstar about the whole thing. He was even a very good boy prior to sedation and let his vet hold his tongue to look in his mouth without the dental speculum.

very good boys get pets


So for now, we wait. If no signs of infection show up (via smell, as I am not much good at tongue grabbing) we will check on the tooth in 3 months, when Eli will next be due for a float. He did not have his teeth floated today, as I thought he might, because he was actually last attended to along those lines in October and not so far back as February. Since Eli’s vet could pretty much see what was going on and Eli didn’t have stinky breath or nasal drainage, Dr. Whitaker did not recommend xrays for right now. Sounds great to me! The chipped tooth has not interfered with his eating at all, so I am hopeful it will stay that way!

In the meantime, we have had very nice weather here in Central Texas, minus the fact that the air is yellow and brown all filled up with cedar pollen. Eli has felt great under saddle. Of course, I don’t ride him when it’s really cold because he hates the cold and when it’s not cold, he’s really good. So why give him an opportunity to be a dumb ass? I don’t like the cold either, so this fair-weather rider accommodates her fair-weather horse.

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