Pony Gifties

Christmas may have been yesterday, but my holidays are not over. I started celebrating on the 23rd, honestly …

I just have a lull today and tomorrow, then more holiday stuff on Saturday & Sunday. I did actually ride my horse yesterday and the day before! I might even ride him today! I felt like the berry Beatta breeches I got on sale from breeches.com would be Christmas-y enough…

Maybe I should have worn a green top?

Eli did not miss out on Christmas. Premier Equine has been having an extremely tempting holiday sale and the saddle pads were included in the sale. I picked one up for Eli and it was at my front door within two days! From the UK!

So far I really like this saddle pad. I am not sure how to clean it, but the one-and-done combo nature of it makes tacking up a little easier. Eli seems okay with it, too. He typically does well with an Ogilvy or the Thinline half pad that is full sheepskin underneath and this Premier Equine one has a full fluffy merino half pad built in. I’m not parting ways with my other half pads just yet, but this is a very convenient addition to Eli’s wardrobe.

He also got some fetlock boots from Premier Equine but you can see he is very, very skeptical. There was some serious rooster-walking. I am not sure how well these are actually going to work for him, but there are very nice boots for the price.

He got over the rooster-walking eventually … he’s been a bit fresh lately, due to wet chilly weather and not a lot of riding but the next couple days should be nice, as have been the last few.

I really like him in the black & white color scheme we have going on right now. But, as it tends to go with Eli, we have not been without incident. On Christmas Eve, as he was chewing up a chewy cookie, he started making crazy faces, rolling his eyes and wiggling his jaw around. I had a look of horror on my face, as my first though was, Eli you are NOT allowed to get choke on Christmas Eve! And the look of horror on my face did not change when the faces stopped and out fell a chunk of tooth. At least it’s not choke.

suspect it is a chunk of the bottom cheek tooth that doesn’t have a top one to grind it down. Or it’s not. I am (trying) to get something scheduled with his vet. Luckily, Eli is showing no signs of bleeding or infection, and he seems to be able to eat okay. We’ll see if he seems bothered by the bit … is it mean to ride a horse with a broken tooth? He really does seem okay, and he needs the exercise! He needs his teeth floated regardless. Not sure if we have dental xrays on the immediate horizon or not. This horse can’t go much longer than a month without seeing Dr. Whitaker. I think he actually secretly likes him a whole, whole lot. Or maybe he just enjoys being heavily sedated …

So one last thing … if you haven’t shopped enough yet, breeches.com still has things on clearance, and this coupon code is working! It may say 30% off on the site, but try this 60% off coupon code on stuff listed in the clearance section of the shop.

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