Weenie Wednesday: Dog Clothes

In the summer, Conrad goes about his business in just his fur. But in cooler temperatures, he wears stuff. Sometimes a tee shirt, sometimes a sweatshirt, and sometimes a sweater. Now, I agonize over what clothes to put on Eli in cooler temperatures, but with Conrad it’s a little easier. He gets cold easily and burrows under blankets while inside. But if it’s chilly on our walks, it is usually pretty easy to figure out if he needs one of his heavy wool sweaters or just a lightweight hoodie.

But when he gets home, he sits under blankets …

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  1. Very smart and I like how his nice black harness fits over the sweater so nicely. We have arctic cold up here and snow and more snow. Our little schnauzer puppy is very brave in the snow. We have to put coat or sweater on her and today it is so cold that she has finally decided she does not want to be out for too long.


      1. She seems to really enjoy it. She bets her nose down and snuffles about searching for smells and then she takes off and streaks around the track we have tramped down for her. Then she leaps off the track and bounds and jumps in the snow. I am amazed that she tolerates the cold as it has been pretty serious with temps into the double digit below freezing Celsius this week. She always had a coat on but she is starting to gro out of it now and its a good thing we are off to Florida at the end of next week.


  2. I use the dover saddlery fleece dog coats/blankets a lot as well as tshirts sweaters etc. I may have about 15 of those dover ones though (YES I HAVE A PROBLEM)…Ollie and Bernie are okay unless it is really cold or really wet and cold but Gretchen pretty much wears one every day (I take it off at night and she sleeps in a sweater then). She is not a fan of the cold 😉

    Conrad is so handsome 😉


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