Rain > Cedar

The cooler, wet weather today is offering both me and Eli some relief. He’s a hot weather horse for sure, but the dry air and winds must have got to him yesterday, because after trotting around for a little while, I noticed he had a nosebleed. Cue panic? Not quite. Don’t get me wrong, I felt completely awful that I had ridden him around at all, although I didn’t notice the nosebleed while tacking up. But I mopped up the blood with baby wipes and eventually his nose seemed to stop bleeding. He gets these nosebleeds, once or twice a year. Usually in dry, colder weather. I get antsy about it, considering his sinus history. The trainers are going to keep an eye on him today in case he gets another nosebleed, in which case I might like to have his vet take a look at him. He didn’t even seem aware that he had a nosebleed, so for right now nothing is too amiss.

This is after I wiped off his nose …

The rain helps me, too — it’s cedar fever season, and I had been battling sinus pressure that constantly threatened to turn into a migraine for like four days. I’m not exactly running out of pills, but I am also not exactly interested in taking quite so many every. single. day. So this rain has washed the cedar pollen out of the air, at least for now, and I no longer have a strong desire to drill holes in my face. It doesn’t surprise me that trephination was a go-to treatment for migraines centuries ago — I’m thinking the sufferers may have even requested it.

I may have made my brother give Eli cookies prior to this … so of course Eli is like, “hey, new cookie man …”


As long as Eli doesn’t have another nosebleed, I am FINALLY going to clip his face this evening.

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