Almost All Clipped!

So I got Eli’s front legs done on Tuesday evening. Haven’t got to the hinds because reasons and I haven’t done his face because the lighting.

Eli face is going to stay fluffy until I can get to it in daylight. The barn has plenty of electric lighting, but the way it throws shadows around the cross-ties makes me hesitate about trying to do it at night.

He gets to keep the whiskers, of course. And I probably won’t be able to do the insides of his ears, either. Mainly because he hates it and tries really hard to not let me and I don’t have any Dormosedan gel on hand to make his reactions slow enough for me to feel safe trying.

And if you thought the sales were over …

2 thoughts on “Almost All Clipped!

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  1. Biasini just got a full clip today. He will be off to Florida in a a week and a half. I don’t do it myself so my hat is off to you and you have done a great job. I always tell the person clipping not to do inside his ears. I think the hair keeps out the bugs and that is desirable. Eli looks nice and shiny !


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