Weenie Wednesday: Decorations are Up

There is a certain practicality to putting Christmas decor up right after Thanksgiving … when else is anybody going to have the time to do it?  So Conrad got his walks…

And he got snuggly blanket time ..

And then I tried to make him sit in front of the tree. And these were the best results:

He only knows “sit” but not “stay” so I couldn’t get far enough away from him to get a good shot of him and the whole tree.

7 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Decorations are Up

  1. I finally managed to get our xmas tree up yesterday (YES a week after Thanksgiving smh)….and i am so worried Bernie will eat the tree skirt. No decorations on it yet cause somehow I CANT FIND THE TOTE (My husband is suspect on putting it somewhere we cant find HAHHAHA)

    I would only be able to staple my dogs to the wood floor to get them in front of the xmas tree like Conrad…sooooo


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