The Necessity Clip

the fluffiness

Body clipping is not my most favorite thing to do, so I had been putting off body clipping Eli for quite a long while now. And then I got to thinking, eh, he seems fine, maybe I’ll just clip him in the spring. And then Texas did what Texas does and gave us and 87F day on the last day of November, after a cool and damp, rainy day. So Eli played outside, in slightly wet conditions, in the heat. With his winter coat in all it’s fluffy, smelly glory. So yeah. He looked gross on Saturday afternoon. I decided to skip riding and go straight for shampoo bathing.

this gross
can still see dapps through all the fluff

I (mostly) body clipped him the following morning. He gets a lot of treats for standing in one place for so long, and during the actual clipping, he stood still and sort of just napped and yawned and stuff. Except when I was working on his right shoulder and right side of his neck — then he kept trying to groom me back by licking me and trying to eat my pony tail. But … interestingly … if I stopped clipping to brush the excess clipped off hair from his back or haunches, he would try to kick me. Which is what he does during regular grooming. He doesn’t put much effort into it because we have had many discussions about how I kick/bite/smack back, but he was genuinely offended by a brush. Clippers? Nope, no problem. I did not get to his head/face or legs before lunch was fed, and Eli gets turned out after lunch. So I still have face and legs to do. Other than his ears, he’s fine about his face. Doesn’t care about his front legs. Easy about his back legs from the hocks down … it’s the gaskin and stifle area that gets a bit tricky, but I don’t expect we will go anywhere until March at the earliest so I may skip trying to get his back legs done. Or my OCD may kick in and I’ll risk getting beheaded by hoof.

I left a patch for the saddle this year. I didn’t last year and I really regretted that almost immediately.

What pleasantly surprised me was how ridiculously shiny his coat is under all that winter fluff. With his winter coat, Eli was just dusty and flaky and smelly and gross. I was slightly concerned he might have some underlying skin funk, but no. I am thinking the alfalfa is agreeing with him. And now I feel like a good curry will actually do something, as opposed to just move dust around. And oh yeah, he likes being curried, too. Just … not brushed.

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  1. Ohhhh shiney!

    I have to pull the clippers out this weekend. Luna’s coat is soooo long and shes doing enough work she is starting to get sweaty. Plus I hate grooming an unclipped winter coat. It has been quite some time since i have had to deal with it!


    1. Right? And I have tried all kinds of softness and hardness with the brushes. He is sometimes okay with this super soft goat hair finishing brush, but that does nothing if he’s kind of dirty …


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