Eli has been going very, very well under saddle. Keeping shoes, seeming to be serviceably sound … I am truly grateful to all of the people who have kept Eli’s best interests in mind, through everything his vet and farrier have done for him to everything the entire Hilltop barn crew has done for him. Eli is surrounded by good people and good horses. It’s a very lucky feeling I have when I think about it for long.

I have also rearranged my Sunday work schedule a bit so I still get to ride in daylight on Sunday, even with the time change. I’ll just leave a few videos here of Eli from the most recent Sunday ride … I am feeling happy about where he’s at right now. And I replenished his supply of German Horse Muffins, as apparently all other treats are now mildly off-putting and only marginally acceptable. #spoilt

It’s funny, for a lot of this ride, some neighbors were playing with their guns, as happens in rural Texas. Eli was not bothered by the gunshots at all while we were up in the arena. But once we got back down to the barn and he was in the cross-ties? He got super concerned with them. Maybe it was the way the sound was echoing in the barn? It did sound closer when we were in the barn than it did while we were up in the arena. Or maybe Eli was actually just annoyed with it and trying to stare down the offending pops.

10 thoughts on “Hopeful?

  1. Oh, he looks good! Super steady in that canter. I’m hopeful for you too! And thank god the shoes are staying on! It’s been cold, windy and rainy here, and Whisper already twisted a shoe, so I’m hoping Amber isn’t next! lol


  2. He looks great! I used to have gun shooting neighbors too. I was always surprised how well the horses handled it (especially Jamp). Thankfully they didn’t pay their mortgage and they aren’t around anymore.


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