Carelessness Stings a Little

So, you know how you’re not supposed to reach across the front of a horse? Wanna guess who did that last night after taking off Eli’s bridle? Fortunately, all I came out of it with was a busted lip. No need for stitches, no broken or knocked out teeth, no one got concussed. After I took off Eli’s bridle, I reached across his head to grab his halter and as I was leaning across his face, he turned his head toward me and knocked me in the mouth. Which is why we teach lesson kids not to do this! Eli and I were both startled but I kept on doing what I was doing and pulled off his tack, gave him all the cookies, and went to go switch off the arena lights. As I was walking back in the barn, I could taste blood and feel it running down my chin. Ew. Why do face injuries bleed so much? My lower lip is a bit swollen but I think I’ll live.

Non sequitur: I stand by my assertion that burgundy and lime green go together

More importantly, Eli was perfect last night! We are both out of shape, so the crookedness is in full effect, and there’s not much power from his hind end in the canter, but we’ll get back there.

Debbie is dedicated! She’s out at the barn every night. So of course I have to wave to her as she’s driving out.

Whoa. An actual jump.

I went ahead and switched Eli’s bit from the custom Myler to his WH Ultra, which is a fatter bit but still has a roller. He had been a bit testy (read: head-flipping) in the Myler the past few nights, but he seemed very relaxed in the WH Ultra. It’s my sorcery bit that you will have to pry from my cold, dead hand. I also put a standing martingale back on him, but his comfort in the different bit meant he didn’t really need it. He is now also wearing both fetlock boots and the pastern wraps behind. Look, it’s fine. It’s not like it’s bubble wrap. Yet.

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