Hoof Stuff & Things


Do we have Eli’s front feet straightened out? I think so … maybe? The last time he had a shoe tacked back on by the farrier, you might remember, I wrote “plz no bars!!” by Eli’s name on the farrier list that’s on one of the white boards. So. He does not have bar shoes on anymore, on either of his front hooves. Miraculously, the bar-free shoes and pads have stayed on, through turnout and riding.

how he feels about pastern wraps


I got a few things for Eli’s hooves, should he try to walk right out of a front shoe again. One, I got him a new pair of the bell boots I like for him to live in. The previous pair had lasted a while but they were getting a bit shredded around the bottoms and starting to tear or dry out in places.

I got him some Cavallo Simple Boots, too. These are basically for when he might pull a shoe. I can put one of these on him instead of wrapping the hoof and he could actually still be turned out. I also got the inserts to go with, in case that’s necessary but it doesn’t seem like it would be. That purchase was more of a rather-have-and-not-need than need-and-not-have type of thing.

fresh sneaks

I also nabbed the Equifit pastern wraps, as he may need them to go with the hoof boots. As it turns out, I rather like them for his hind pasterns for when I ride him. So I see getting a ton of immediate use out of them!

I can’t use Durasole on his front soles (because, you know, he’s in pads now) but I still use some for his hind feet. And I have been trying to use the Absorbine Hooflex more regularly (have loved it for years), even though it gets near-solid in cold weather. But that’s what barn microwaves are for! Eli also gets a supplement with biotin in it.

Am I missing anything hoof-related here?

8 thoughts on “Hoof Stuff & Things

  1. Ugh the double edged sword that are shoes! I think you have everything covered.

    I will say that, pouring some anti-thrush stuff into the nail holes on May’s shoes really did help. (from wall down into hoof not from the shoe side) As for the boots, I have similar ones and they get borrowed every now and then when a horse pulls a shoe. Definitely a life saver.


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