Wet Sand Monster

Winter in Texas (even though it’s not really winter yet) is typically damp. I am relieved Eli isn’t in bar shoes, because I think damp turnouts would have just meant more lost shoes. After some heavy rain, I let him out in the round pen the other day. I swear I really thought it was drier than it actually was …

It wasn’t really slippery, at least?

But Eli makes kind of a cute roan? No, not really.

He does need monitoring while in the round pen, since he’s jumped out of it before. He seems to assume if he runs at me aggressively enough that I will get out of the way. He underestimates my stupidity.


He has looked sound playing in turnout, and felt sound under saddle the last time I rode him, which was Monday … before winter happened. The cold is not so bad, but the rain & ice is a bit much. It’s making this whole reconditioning thing we’re supposed to be doing a bit difficult!

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